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      I have betting at http://www.Sacino111.com (sacinoclub) on last week. When I request withdrawal, they are reject the withdrawal and the reason is “Casino game provider (GamePlay-W88) are hold your money for checking”
      This few days I try to communicate nicely with them, but end up the result are disappointed, either ask for wait or suddenly cut off the live chat. Yesterday I asking how much the GamePlay are holding and try to request them to release the partial of the money which have in my main wallet (which the money transfer to play at Gameplay are part of my credit not all). They just block my ip address for live chat function, even I go to their Thailand website http://www.sacina222.com, when start chatting and asking username straight block the live chat function.
      From the issue happen until now,no one have contact me, even I request them to direct contact me (cause recently their whatapp also mystery disappear).
      I also is a regular customer on W88.com, especially their new casino are really tempted. But right now even direct betting at W88.com, my feeling is like “ will they payout the money, are they try to cheat “.

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