MALAYCLUB.Doing so many ways for letting u to disqualified to get the FREE BONUS

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      so many trouble …
      need to like and share and tag 50 friends..
      nevermind,then come again
      add friend request again ..
      then one more request come
      need to upload ic..
      then need to upload 8 photo of myself
      i am a seller at fb,
      then i use a photo that is a woman with a bag..
      a trendy style…
      also not allow,…
      need to upload 8 pcs of photos again…
      trying to do so many way and so many excuse for letting u disqualified to get the FREE BONUS…

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      just for u to know it only..
      i get the free bonus..but i just share to 50 fren,add him ask fren screenshot it and sent to them and just screenshot of ic only and send to them…that all…no need photo…why need your photo? pinjam along pun no need photo la..
      this is over already what they do…

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        i have try play at there already….withdraw below thousand is nothing problem…never try withdraw over 1k

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      ①like fb page + screenshot
      ②upload to live chat
      ③share page + screenshot
      ④upload to live chat
      ⑤tag 50!! frens + screenshot
      ⑥upload to live chat
      ⑦send a request on fb to somebody as they ask to do so.
      ⑧take a photo on my own ic
      ⑨edit photo to add text “for malayclub use only” ⑩upload to live chat
      11.answer a stupid question:whats my fb profile name (alrdy show in the screenshot ,still need to ask)
      12.need to upload 8pcs of photos just bcos of the reason: i am not using a ‘real face’ picture on my facebook profile…WTF!!!

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      hahahah….its free so they must ask lots of this kind of question and tell u do the nonsense thing..
      cannot say anything because they giving free credit…

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