being scammed by one the company listed in here

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      I got scammed rm1600 from coffee.
      I found out that they re listed in the website above and i tried to complaint my issue to them.

      They asked me to complaint to that company itself. After I said they ignored me and request for pic contact who I can complaint my issue to.

      He finally started to say there’s nothing they can do. The staff run away with everything.
      They have lost their history and money.

      N then they insisted that they won’t bare for my loss because they ve lost everything to the staff. Money pc etc etc.

      So guys becare ful of this website .
      I happened to won rm1600 and I don’t get my payment. And they won’t give a shit to me with the excuse they ve lost too much to that runaway staff.

      May refer to my chat history for proof

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