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      whatsapp no. : +60102729949 / 011-1261-9569

      hi everybody..i was helping my friend posting this because my friend been cheat from this GALAXYWIN777..
      my friend connecting with this GALAXYWIN777 using whatsapp and my friend wan to withdraw 2000…first he tell my friend to fill in the details form and after fill it then my friend submit back to him..then he tell my friend need to wait for bank to open then only he can transfer the money to his bank account…the time was 2:40pm, bank have tea time break ah?(this GALAXYWIN777 person so funny o cheating also not professional) then at last he tell my friend already successful transfer his winning to his bank friend check his account and no any transaction on his account…nothing my friend friend been cheat and he blocked my friend whatsapp and close my friend 918 kiss i help my friend to post this..just an information to all only..
      this guy just create fb account and promote his business and betting all using 918kiss main website.(he just something like so called agent like that, i guess only because i not so familiar about this)

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