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      almost 5 year i involved in this matter (online casino betting).
      fyi my 1st company i joint member is w88.

      and until now i still as a active member , the most important thing to highlight is…….
      i never got any problem either in case of deposit fund or withdrawal. small and big amount i never have
      problem with w88. the minimum i withdrawal is rm30…..and 1 time big amount i successfull withdrawal RM41,045.00. ALL OK NEVER HAVE PROBLEM. trust me.

      for those who interest to join member as w88 member, just click below link :

      Web link : http://goo.gl/pzgkup
      GET FREE RM30.00 (phone validation)
      TO JOIN CLICK => http://goo.gl/pzgkup
      FREE RM30.00 IF JOIN BEFORE 31/08/2018 !!
      ANDROID USER , CLICK HERE TO JOIN => http://goo.gl/wmoGix
      Thank You

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      Wow.. really, i almost deposit like your withdraw amount… almost everyday im playing.. and nothing they have give to me.. even any prize from that promo, im wondering its true or not another people easy to get they prize..

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        fren u believe there is a god alive? I think have and they only hiding from been seen by us only…fren go pray more and see u can win until casino see your name also blacklist you because u win too much until casino scared on u…
        fren chatting and joking around only ok…don be so serious oh..anyway pray need to pray..

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