Spiderman Win 2.3

Spiderman Win 2.3

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Earn Points to Get Free Play Credit. 赢积分换取筹码!

Your current Point is :

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Rewards 积分回馈

Every Member are entitle to claim the same products once a month Only. 会员每月只可以一次换取同样的产品而已。

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Presented by Playtech Spiderman

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  1. What spider win . I not understand about this .

    • what do you mean?

      • I had deposit at w138 casino.. but I don’t know I submit already or not!! so how can I check?

      • Renew spider man card

  2. how many game and how to reload?

    • you can come back to play it everyday, only 10 scratch per day

  3. T.T 10ticket also lose…..

    • 10 ticket also lose, impossible… i dont believe…

      • yes.really..aslo lose only

  4. can i know y always couldnt be load out blank there i had alot of scratched card only 2 successful scratched n it was lose..

    • it is base on possibility stated in the image, i just play it, i get 10 lose just now, you have 50% to win..

  5. i want my free point

  6. just play it,get 6 lose ..sad..

  7. 10 game.. 10 lose.. no win at all.. wtf

  8. i want my free point

  9. i want free point

  10. Just play it 6lose and get 3win for 5point plus 1 win for 10points

    • so you still win, right?

  11. To have free credit bonus…

  12. I want clime point

    • hi, may i know which part you do not understand?

  13. Sangat menguntungkan 🙂

  14. 还有赢到一点分

    • 谢谢Spiderman Win scatter让我赢多了几分

      • 谢谢,十张spiderman win scatter又让我赢了10++

        • 真的吗

          • 真的啊!谢谢,如果可以赢得更多就好了

  15. Start daily play limit at a clock 00:00am.. Or start we online to play

  16. 第一张就中了50point….哈哈!谢谢


  18. Spiderman card please renew..

  19. Bo’s ? Card Sudan habis ni

  20. 我中300分

  21. How do I collect the points?

    • just check your point balance by click “Your Point”, the point collected automaticaly

  22. lose

  23. Hi admin the card have been sold out, please renew the set of card, thanks

  24. hihi admin…cards sold out already…renew new set of cards….tq

  25. CARD sold=out boss

  26. Nice scratch!

  27. Claim free credit username lolamyra87

  28. ??????all lose

  29. Hi Raven, help me pls. I really don’t know how to utilise my FREE BEZDAY GIFT..SPRDERMAN SCRATCH CARD. wHEN I CLICK play BUTTON, NOTHING COME OUT …ONLY BLANK BOX.

  30. I still hve same problem. I press the button play but page loading come out empty pqge. So how to play?

  31. Why no one answer me??? Now worst…my bezzday prize the spiderman 100 scratch suddenly gone. How come like that???

    • we will give you again, website have some bug and restoration have been made… please check again the cards

  32. 今天巨人刮刮卡一刮就中了300分耶真的不是盖的

    • 你太幸运,巨人没那么好刮,一天一两次就可以,不然会亏。。。

  33. When will u gimme again the spiderman scratch cards 100pcs??

    • did you submit birthday, you need upload ic to proof your birthday

      • Yes submitted ic also i rcvd email from u but didnt rcv the scratch cards. I can submit again my ic.

  34. Claim

  35. yeah.. its seem to be a hard way . be patient ?

  36. Bos 5 hari dah saya redeem free rm60 . Bila dapat bos

  37. How i want chek balance card

  38. I want claim point

  39. admin
    card cannot see

  40. yes card cannot see.. still loading .. jammed

  41. please renew my card

  42. Hi Admin the card have been sold out can renew the set of card, thanks

  43. The card have been sold out,Admin please renew the set of card, thanks.

    • please scratch all the card type finish and we will renew it to higher rewarded point

  44. Card Spiderman sold out.. Please renew

  45. Please renew card

  46. claim spider man scratch

  47. Hi..can renew a set of scratch card of Spiderman?

  48. Renew spiderman card pls…tq

  49. I havent try/buy even once the SPIDERMAN CARD sinced i became a member.. I did request for renewed…no respond.

  50. Admin, renew card please and found at front page game subcription mention 20000 cards but in the picture is 40000 cards. Please take note. Thanks.

    • thansk for your correction, we will change all the card soon, now we are improving our website speed first.

  51. Admin renew the set of card, thanks.

  52. card xpired

  53. (The card have been sold out, please contact Admin to renew the set of card, thanks.)which admin should i contact,bcoz im been asking 3 times here but no respon at all.Mr/Mrs Admin,pls.be alert bout tis bcoz wut i c ere is so many of ur cstmer asking d same thing as me but no respon at all…!!

    • we all are busy on new website, all scratch card are going to move to new website, this month will be complete, so sorry for that

  54. How come can’t play anymore?

    • please register at your new website pub100.com and play at there.. thanks

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