Space Adventure Slot Challenge

注意! 请登录,否则分数不会被记录参赛,谢谢。

Attention! Credits  will not be saved if you are not login.

Every Month End (Last Day) will get point as reward


Points Rewards







Game ranking will be reset on 3rd day of the month. Please start playing on 3rd day.

You can click hold.

It will only save your highest score.

Your Score will be reset when you exit the game.

Bonus game reward calculation is for exmaple, 50x your Coin 0.5 = 25 credits

Monthly High Score Competition


  1. Hi ..nkbtanye macam mana nak save score kite yg sblm ni ade dlm seratus lebis.setiap kali i nk main die kembali ke 100 bqlik ..nlh jelaskan atau saya tersilap pandang

    • system hanya save u punya paling tinggi punya score…

    • automatically save your high score, but if you close the page, it will start with 100 credit again..

  2. Thanks all

  3. Raven , 请问如果我在10.5那天claim 过w138的freebet RM60 ,那我还可以再申请w138 的
    RM 200 吗

    • RM 200 什么时候都可以的

  4. raven兄。。怎么有时候。。是不能hold的呢。。

    • 他是这样的,第一次用credit spin, 然后没中,就可以hold, 再spin(这个spin 是没有用到credit 的),然后就先一个spin, 再用credit

  5. fgg

  6. Hello .. your writing of example is wrong

  7. Raven,现在发现错字没给分了吗?

    • 对不起,给了。。。 300points

  8. Tq so much,Raven

  9. 1st = 狼
    2nd = eugostrike
    3rd = melly

  10. Ggg

  11. at leaderbord my username was Julian324110, 2nd,but i didn;t receive any point

    • the competition start on 10th nov, so please play on 10th…

  12. This time formula is depend on luck…good luck player

  13. Nov 2017 result rewarded

  14. Best

  15. how to claim my free 20 dollars credits

    • 20 dollars is not our casinopub promotion, please ask them who post it . 🙂

  16. De 2017 prize given, please check

  17. 什么来的!!!!

    • 赢了获得积分,换freebet

  18. Jan 2018 winner have been rewarded, please check

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