Space Adventure Slot Challenge

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Every Month End (Last Day) will get point as reward


Points Rewards







Game ranking will be reset on 3rd day of the month. Please start playing on 3rd day.

You can click hold.

It will only save your highest score.

Your Score will be reset when you exit the game.

Bonus game reward calculation is for exmaple, 50x your Coin 0.5 = 25 credits

Monthly High Score Competition


  1. Hi ..nkbtanye macam mana nak save score kite yg sblm ni ade dlm seratus lebis.setiap kali i nk main die kembali ke 100 bqlik ..nlh jelaskan atau saya tersilap pandang

    • system hanya save u punya paling tinggi punya score…

      • done add cart claim freebet rm60, order #42801
        W138 username – fikri90

    • automatically save your high score, but if you close the page, it will start with 100 credit again..

      • *Automatically & score* Raven ???

      • Raven,发现两个错字

      • Kenapa kadang2 game pandai out sendiri ye

        • hi sara mf tanya macam mana nk log in game ini?

      • hi how to log in for this game

    • Dia automatic dh save score tiap Kali awak spin tu

  2. Thanks all

  3. Raven , 请问如果我在10.5那天claim 过w138的freebet RM60 ,那我还可以再申请w138 的
    RM 200 吗

    • RM 200 什么时候都可以的

  4. raven兄。。怎么有时候。。是不能hold的呢。。

    • 他是这样的,第一次用credit spin, 然后没中,就可以hold, 再spin(这个spin 是没有用到credit 的),然后就先一个spin, 再用credit

      • Nk claim score macam mana?

        • we will send to you every first week of the month

  5. fgg

  6. Hello .. your writing of example is wrong

  7. Raven,现在发现错字没给分了吗?

    • 对不起,给了。。。 300points

  8. Tq so much,Raven

  9. 1st = 狼
    2nd = eugostrike
    3rd = melly

  10. Ggg

  11. at leaderbord my username was Julian324110, 2nd,but i didn;t receive any point

    • the competition start on 10th nov, so please play on 10th…

  12. This time formula is depend on luck…good luck player

  13. Nov 2017 result rewarded

  14. Best

  15. how to claim my free 20 dollars credits

    • 20 dollars is not our casinopub promotion, please ask them who post it . 🙂

  16. De 2017 prize given, please check

  17. 什么来的!!!!

    • 赢了获得积分,换freebet

  18. Jan 2018 winner have been rewarded, please check

  19. Mcm mna nk tgk amaun kt akaun sy boss

    • U pergi he kat home page..ada tiga barisan kst tepi atas tu..tekan tu pastu scroll bawah sekali..ada tulis check your points then click tu he lah klau nak check score awak

  20. nice..

  21. where the result of feb2018 for slot space adventure challenge pub?

    • feb 2018 winner have been rewarded, please check

  22. where the feb 2018 result?

  23. feb 2018 winner have been rewarded, please check

  24. i main sampai 715 terus hilang start balik macammana ni

    • terus hilang?

      • i tak dapat point how

        • we are on the process of rewarding

    • Kan dah automatic save score ..take perlu risau..

  25. Macam mane nak main slot ni

  26. march 2018 prize given and score reset

  27. winner prize have been given

    • april 2018 winner prize have been rewarded

  28. Im one of the to claim the reward?
    Username 6110dyno

    • what you mean you are winner? this event is monthly competition. only on 30th, the highest score will be the winner

  29. April2018 winner prize tak dapat lg…

  30. Rase mcm main sorang laaa bulan ni.. mne player lain.. puasa ke?

  31. may 2018 point have given to winner, please check

  32. Tq raven point recieved

  33. Mana nk check point ?

  34. Bossku.. result da baru.. point utk pemenang bila nak masuk?

  35. Beat my score bitches!! Btw what the use of this points?

  36. Hallo Boss..boleh tambah pilihan game slot lain tak..cuma 2 tu je ke ..Cuba boss tambah pilihan game lain supaya lebih menarik.tq

    • ok.. we will adds soon for this month since you have demand for it..

  37. Boleh tak keluarkan iklan dafabet tu..susah nk main..klau iklan tu kluar je..klau click mesti score jd 100 balik

    • ok, thanks for the advice… we will take out the ads and insert at some other places

      • Thanks you boss..this web is very best..dapat kumpul point pelbagai boss

  38. july point is given, thanks for all

  39. Boss mana sy punya reward..? dpt no 2 keseluruhan dlm space pub challenge
    ..kata ada reward bgi top3..?

  40. Boss…Cuba tambah pilihan game lain pulak..supaya lebih uñtuk tambah point macam atas tu OK..thank you

  41. My reward point belum masuk boss.? dpt top2..

    • sorry, miss out your point, we rewarded you another 500 points

  42. claim 800

  43. august point rewarded, please check

  44. jali please contact us , please chose a unique special nickname for easy to find you… pending 800 point rewarded to you

  45. Kenapa hang je bila big win

  46. sept point have been given, please check
    Raden zainie please update your profile image for get your prize 1500 point, thanks

  47. good

  48. october winner point given, please check

  49. thnks u

  50. bila reward dapat boss

  51. november winner rewarded

    • done add cart claim freebet rm60, order #42801
      W138 username – fikri90

  52. Bila dpt reward boss?

  53. Claim freebet rm60.
    Order no: 45000
    W138 username : ayyda88

    • hi, you have reach you limit of free bet, please collect 10 silver to upgraded to level 2, thanks

  54. jan 2019 point rewarded

    • boss sy dh send bank w88 cimb..

  55. ok tq

    • I can’t load the game! Is it not working?

  56. How to play

  57. claim freebet RM60
    order no:45877
    w88 username:wan866

  58. I can’t load the game! Is it not working?

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