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Scratch RM 888 by W138 Online Casino


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Scratch RM 888 by W138 Online Casino

You have to be a Deposited Player(RM 30 or above) of w138 at least once before play this scratch card or prize will be forfeited. 
您必须是w138 的存款会员(最少RM30)才可以刮这卡。不然刮中的话奖品自动取消。

Step 1: You have to be a deposited player of w138 minimum RM 30

Step 2: Like W138 Page

Step 3: Share Post

Your current Point is :

You have to register before start playing.


  1. Boss..kat page Earn Point,, Dr.Strange Scrath Card ada wrong detail bawah pic untuk click link scrath.. Ia menunjukkan
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    Ingatkan Spiderman Link baru..
    Just inform je bukan komplen hehe

    • thanks for informing, granted 100 points

      • Hi boss sy ada 103 poin so can trans for what

      • Can u renew hulk and spiderman cards?

      • Hello..Boleh saya tanyakan satu soalan mengenai penipuan judi online…Ini mengenai satu kes tentang syarikat judi online tidak membayar hasil kemenangan kepada seseorang customer…Syarikat judi tersebut telah didapati dlm satu iklan forum judi iaitu kakigambler.com & tersenarai dari salah satu syarikat judi online yg boleh dipercayai dan selamat untuk membuat sebarang taruhan. Sekiranya berlaku sesuatu kes seperti syarikat judi online tidak membayar wang kemenangan kepada customer, apakah tindakkan yang patut & harus di ambil pada syarikat tersebut. Saya harap pihak casinopub boleh komen sedikit isu yg saya tanyakan ini..tq

        • kami tidak boleh ambil apa tindakan. so please take video and screen show of your amount in your account then share in our forum are the best method.
          so we should avoid playing at the other low reputation casino. Please play in our sponsor casino. if our sponsor casino cheat you, we Casinopub will pay your return your deposit to secure your bet.

    • how to share?

      • just click the button and share

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        • Claim free credit register at dafabet

    • Hi

  2. Thanks boss.. lagi 1,, saya rasa belum terima point review product pada 9 November lalu (W88).. Atau saya yang terlepas pandang point dah masuk..Boss try check ya..

    • review point system i think got problem

  3. yehhaa

  4. boss…scratch tapi point tak berubah..

    • point tak berubah mungkin you scratch guna 3 point, meneng card 3 point…

      • where i want sent my sceen shot

    • adakah you deposit w138 sebelum ni?

  5. puii loussy

  6. how to claim my scratch?

  7. How to get it ?

    • deposit and play w138 one time, then you can play this and win this, try your luck

      • I already have deposit at w138 before. how to play this?

        • just like and share one time, then you can play it every day… click buy to play

  8. nice comment

  9. only got 3 n lose when i scratch… the rm888 is the main prize?

  10. boss…please inform to new member that must deposit to w138 and they can play..

    • yes.. informed in the red color text

  11. =) ..yes already a deposit player at w138

  12. how to play this

    • just scratch, but you have to be a member of w138.com, just register w138 and have minimum RM 30 deposit.. then you can play this

  13. 这奖励分数是如何领取的呢!为何我分享了分数好像没添加到的

    • 这些不适自动的,是人工检查的,要等一至两天分数才会显现出来

  14. Good

  15. Bos.. if w138.com buat event free credit no deposit.. points tetap sama kan..

    • what you mean?

      • Claim free rm 10 for register at play safe

  16. 请问都必须先存款吗?

    • 积分可以换存款,但只是这个w138的刮刮乐,你必须是在w138 存款过,才可以玩,不然赢了w138 是不会可你奖的

  17. Bos.. if w138.com buat event free credit no deposit.. points tetap sama kan..

  18. 括括乐…蛮有趣…

  19. 每次都括到三分而已。。。

  20. Everday scarted just 3point or lose only??

    • yes, but thee is 2 big price 888000 point, which is RM 888…just try look, but you have to deposit in w138 before then only can get RM 888.

  21. Boss..kat page Earn Point,, Dr.Strange Scrath Card ada wrong detail bawah pic untuk click link scrath.. Ia menunjukkan
    **Click Online Casino Malaysia Give Away to Play Spiderman Win!**

    • Problem dah solve tu bro.. bro copy paste comment saya ekk…

  22. kikiki..kantoi

  23. Kenapa tak boleh login hari ni ya..

  24. Bos nk tanya ni game point kan??? Bole ajar tak ..new mmber tq.

    • hi, you perlu ada point dulu

  25. how to get scratch card without deposit?

    • i dont understand what you mean?

  26. marketing strategy

  27. so nice

  28. good

  29. only 3 point

    • 3 point is just consolation prize

      • 次奖和三奖没有的!如果有的话大家会很高兴呢!

    • this is jus consolation prize

      • Raven兄。。我已经分享了那个鍵连。。得空时。。请去我的面子书检查。。

        • 记住,这个需要有一次的deposit, 不然刮了得奖没效,你就会去跳海。。。

          • 谢谢您的提示。。我已经有进30了。。放心。。海。。无需跳了。。呵呵。。

  30. i also like and share the post dy , already make deposit in w138. ( I scratch 5 pcs 3 POINT ) how to claim ?

    • it automatically accumulated at your point system ….

  31. hi Raven,got claim 4000p w138 rm60 before consider make deposit kah?can scratch?

    • no, you need to deposit real cash…

      • raven兄。。怎么到今天。。我还是没有收到每次我括到的3块钱。。3块钱。。3块钱的。。

        • 因为你用3point 刮赢3 points, 所以看不到什么咯

          • 原来。。我现在终于明白。。那个3。。不是3块钱。。而是3分。。谢谢回复。。

  32. Raven..its been 3 days since u last log in..where do u go?haihh..im waiting for my rewards..

    • which reward? w88? you have claim the free bet, you need to wait after 30 days

      • Hii boss.. Boleh x tolong renew hulk smash, spiderman & captain america card to the latest update plssss☺.. TQ

        • sudah renew, semua pindah ke pub100.com

    • the package only can claim once monthly

    • Claim free credit w138

  33. i also like and share the post dy , already make deposit in w138. ( I scratch 5 pcs 3 POINT ) how to claim ?

    • this 3 point will be in your point wallet… will accumulate in your point wallet, this scratch card is to scratch RM 888

  34. Bagaimana i nak dapat point bnyak

    • you can go other website forum to promote Casinopub, then we can give you 200-500points each week

  35. bos claim free credit game

  36. ada orang biasa dapat kah?rm888

    • only 2 card have RM 888 in the 50000 cards, still nobody get the cards, come and scracth the card if you deposit w138 before…

      • 一定收在后面后面的咯!不然一开始就给人拿到了谁还要玩!!!

        • 这是我们都无法预则的,因为这程序是“random”,随机的。。也许下一个就是你

      • Claim 3 point

  37. 39683 Cards Remain , 2 cards RM 888 still have not been taken..

  38. 存款一次30就可以每次来玩了对吗?

  39. hi..macam mna point yg saya tukar 4000=rm60
    email:[email protected]

    • please check your w138, got already maybe

  40. 我已经like and post了

    • you need to deposit at least once to start play this scratch

  41. sudah ada orang kena kah rm888?

  42. Mcmanaa nak main dgn kredit free ne

    • anda boleh kumpul can point dulu, lepas tu redeem fredit free

  43. Bos i belum dapat

  44. how to get free credit ?

  45. Bos.mcmane nk ambik point scattered

  46. Boss kalau yg tebus point punya tak dapat ke scratch card ni…saya sudah jd member n pernah dapat free kredit beli guna point

  47. No win=15643
    888 00=2
    Total 31178

    so there is no one win the RM 888 yet..

    • raven兄。。那两张888。。还没有人领到?

      • 还没有。。。

        • 继续加油夸夸乐。。谢谢raven兄答复。。

    • Claim 3 point

  48. I already deposit before few times in w138. and also like and share the post in fb too

  49. How to play?

  50. Hii raven . Must deposit for play this card?

    • no, you must be a deposit player for w138 then only you can play this, if not, if you win you will not get the prize

  51. Give me ang pao

  52. Good

  53. nice to collect some point

  54. Fun

  55. Good

  56. Combe

  57. Lose

  58. Free slot

  59. ?

  60. I deposit lots of time in w138

    • then you can play this, if you win they will give you the prize

  61. Good

  62. Good

  63. Nice

  64. until today have how many win on this scratch cards?

  65. Hulk card habis no scratches

  66. 我还没刮过hulk卡。。。每次进入都是信息显示已售完。。要求admin renew….可是到现在还没试过。。。。

  67. Nak claim free credit

  68. I want free credit

  69. Good

  70. wow..i win on this scratch card RM888…wait for it to process now…

    • processing

      • 🙂 thank u w138
        nice to see u again admin and thank u…

  71. need dposit

  72. Admin, i notice there is new website. Do we need to signup to new account at the new website? How about our point here? Can transfer or how?

  73. Hi

    Happy Valentine a day
    I am new here. I just sign up and made my first deposit at w138.
    How to claim free 888 on scratch

    • if you scratch a have a big win then you can get the RM 888…

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