You Need Silver Coin To play This. 您需要有银币才能玩这个。There is 100 lost cards, please be careful. 这里有100 张击败的卡,请小心。

Your current Silver Coin is :

[mycred_scratch_cards set=”13836″]

Want More Silver Coin, Claim your Coin whenever you Deposit.
1 Silver
RM 100

W88, W138, Dafabet, K138

3 Silver
RM 200

W88, W138, Dafabet, K138

8 Silver
RM 500

W88, W138, Dafabet, K138

18 Silver
RM 1000

W138, Dafabet, K138

40 Silver
RM 2000

W138, Dafabet, K138

100 Silver
RM 5000

W138, Dafabet, K138


  1. i submit my history 2 days ago, why i still dont receive any silver coin ?

  2. i just submit a new one 🙂

    • this event start on 19 feb, your deposit is before 19 feb
      minimum RM 100 to start earning silver coin

  3. yes i know , i have a new deposit today 100.. and submit a new deposit

    • Your image does not show that

      • then what the image show ? i send again a new image

        • you deposit is on date 17th…. is it not available… and RM 100 should be in the single transation

  4. deposit first? okay

  5. my deposit dafabet 100 way no coin ?

    • start from 19 feb, and RM 100 minimum deposit

    • pasai apa tada lagi.saya sudah masuk 100vberapa kali dah

  6. Hi I would like to clarify that did you means that we could submit started date from 19/2 up to today 24/2 for all transaction to claim it coin?

  7. pasai apa tada lagi.saya sudah masuk 100vberapa kali dah

    • we have reply you email that we need screenshot of the deposit page of online casino, not the balance and bankin slip… thanks

      • 不明白?可不可以发一张别人的给我看?

  8. 已经发了三张希望可以成功,期待刮刮卡!!!

  9. Hello

  10. Why my silver point gone

    • any help? please contact us, we will help and check

  11. How can claim my free bet?

  12. 想请问下这卡还有吗?为什么我有两个银币一直点击也没反应的。

    • 这个已经没有了,,你的两个silver coin, 先收起来,以后有得用

  13. raven, how to scracth silver coin ? i find everrywhere not see, just image only

    • this silter scratch already end, you just keep you silver to level up, the silver will be use in future…

  14. need point..thank you

  15. Ok

  16. point

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