QQclubs is a scam

QQclubs is a scam

No matter how much you win they won’t  pay and simply say your bets got problem needs 3 days to check.after 3 days simply say confirm bets got problem but without proof and forfeit all the money. Pls be careful and stop play at this company immediately. They use different company names doing the same scam online,usually better promo offer to customer.pls don’t take risk cause confirmed they are scam


  1. QQ club is a scam casino ..please be advised.. when u wanna cash out credit then the drama starts … sometimes 1 day..sometimes 2 days .. sometimes..no word at all..the resque bonus is the worst .but they will tackle u by this way .I allready made complaint about this club..and I’m hoping u guys just be careful cause when we play ..We play Cash money and end of the day when u win u don’t get ur money back.

    • Wa ….this.is big company lol.also like this

  2. Ih no

  3. What?, qq is scammer?

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