W138 RM 60 Credit

(388 customer reviews)

 5,000  4,000

Sale Price
Get RM60 W138 Credit with only 4000P with 15Turnovers Needed. Please write down the usernames of your CasinoPub account as well as this casino’s account in the checkout. It takes about 48 Hours for redemption.
您可用 4000 积分换取 RM 60 的 W138 筹码,需符合15倍的投注率。请在订购时注明你的Casinopub 用户名及此博彩网的用户名。需要48小时处理。

388 reviews for W138 RM 60 Credit

  1. Umiaida Yusman

    Awesome ??

  2. anuar aziz


  3. tgalif


  4. Wandy369

    how to claim?

    • Raven

      email already sent to them, soon they will sms you for the credit. Thanks

  5. Ying0926 (verified owner)

    Need wait for long time??

    • Raven

      very fast

  6. DJken

    hi raven, how long will take them to sms us ?

    • Raven

      very fast

  7. tee teng wai wai

    username:kk4343 gime free 60

    • Raven

      hi, you need to have casinopub 3000 point to claim it.. thanks

  8. yazee

    My favorite

  9. eugene86 (verified owner)

    i made,a mistake when proceed to checkout for redeem the w168 RM60 with 3000 credit,i didnt fill in the username of w138,…my order number is 6317…Raven, please reply me as soon as possible…

    • Raven

      just send me your username to our email will do

    • Raven

      they will contact you in one hour

  10. randdieong

    i cart time is3000 point now i want claim whycannot

  11. randdieong


  12. sollele (verified owner)


    • Raven

      already sent request to them, they will direct contact you

    • Raven

      please register you username sollele at w138, then livechat them about casinopub free bet

  13. randdieong

    why no answer because im not stuff what reason i cant claim

  14. randdieong

    no fair at all

  15. randdieong


  16. BlackCat (verified owner)

    i have claim but didnt receive any mail

    • Raven

      you have to put the remark of your w138 username for us..

  17. randdieong (verified owner)

    randdieong 6333

  18. Sabri (verified owner)

    id w138 : alexandria

  19. randdieong (verified owner)

    casinopub username w138 username randdieong 6333 why tak bagi claim tipu kah

    • Raven

      request sent to w138, they will sms you soon

  20. randdieong (verified owner)

    casinopub username randdieong w138 username randdieong

    • Raven

      request sent, you will get it soon

  21. Raven

    Sabri is banned, and penalty negative 8000 points, we do not allow duplicated user, thanks for understanding

  22. nasdyno (verified owner)

    hi…how long the processing to get the reward rm60?

    • Raven

      done, happy betting

  23. nestlo (verified owner)

    id / w138 Nestloganaz

  24. nestlo (verified owner)

    Hello how long I can waitting claim in w138 id nestloganaz
    I’m waitting 2day for this claim
    I don’t know what problem
    Anyone can help me why

    • Raven

      have you claim any credit before? those credit only can claim once a month

  25. zuddin (verified owner)

    how long the claim process for w138? I already remark my casinopub username & w138 username.

    • Raven

      yes, you will get it today, stay tune on your phone

  26. mirul

    how to claim this point reach 3k already.

    • Raven

      what is your w138 username?

  27. mirul94 (verified owner)


  28. rodneyjr (verified owner)

    hi there..ive submit to claim the free60
    my w138 username rodneyjr

  29. rodneyjr (verified owner)

    hello raven…ive claimed the w138 reward…but theres no credit yet in my w138 acc..
    my id rodneyjr

    • Raven

      i believe you got the credit already after few hour of this comment

  30. Sol Akma

    how to claim this point reach 3k already

    • Raven

      just add to cart to purchase, this product need 4000 points already

  31. zan

    Im already register but dont have any email

    • Raven

      you need to purchase this product with your accumulated point.

  32. mierul94 (verified owner)

    i just make purchase couple hour before..still dint get any reply yet.

    • Raven

      hi, we are not online casino, so will not have immediate response

  33. eugene86 (verified owner)

    can i get the credit by today?

    • Raven

      only w138

  34. eugene86 (verified owner)

    yes…so will it possible?

  35. eugene86 (verified owner)

    alrdy got it…tq

  36. GoodJoe (verified owner)

    W138 RM 60 Credit × 1 4,000P

  37. GoodJoe (verified owner)


  38. Siti Fairuz Aslah

    username : Tasyakiko

    • Raven

      hi, you did not have enough point to redeem yet, kamu perlu ada point baru boleh tukar produk ini

  39. zulkarnaen

    hi bos

    • Raven

      anything i can help YOu?

  40. Roslan

    Casinopub good.. i like????????

  41. zairil hafizal

    help me

  42. pencetus

    ID W138 : rock****5

    • Raven

      hi, what do you mean? you have to collect point to get this RM 60

  43. Tasyakiko


  44. Preston

    how great ! like it !

  45. jemtakgom

    RM60 claim

    • Raven

      what is your w138 username? i need to send request to w138

  46. muhamad hafizuddin ghani (verified owner)

    i already procced check out and still in process .. =)

  47. muhamad hafizuddin ghani (verified owner)

    sorry i didnt insert my casinopub username when i cash out.. what should i do?

    • Raven

      what is your w138 username? we need to send request to w138

  48. muhamad hafizuddin ghani (verified owner)

    my username w138 : apiz92

  49. muhamad hafizuddin ghani (verified owner)

    how long procced?

    • Raven

      within 24 hours will do

  50. muhamad hafizuddin ghani (verified owner)

    tq.. =)

  51. leogurl (verified owner)

    hello bos it been 4days i sent an email how to know that i been approved

    • Raven

      we did not know your w138 username, so you cannot ask them reload.. check our mail for info please

  52. vyper77


  53. nirsa iopa (verified owner)

    Saya dah submit redeem pagi tadi..
    W138 username : apoi81

    • Raven

      replied already

  54. Jad khan

    Very good

  55. Jad khan


  56. Jad khan


  57. Fikri Najib

    My w138 username najib90
    Thanks a lot Sir

    • Raven

      what you mean by this? you need to get point to redeem this

  58. saiful85


    • Raven

      apa ini? you perlu ada point baru boleh dapat RM 60 ini

  59. nirsa iopa (verified owner)

    credit rm60 diterima cuma belum ada luck untuk menang..tq22

  60. Jad khan (verified owner)

    Myusername : popocayo
    W138 : amjadkhan

  61. Jad khan (verified owner)

    Berapa lama proses Bo’s?

  62. Jad khan (verified owner)

    how long the processing to get the reward rm60? Username w138 : amjadkhan
    Order no : 9209
    Username casinopub : popocayo

    • Raven

      tonight or tomorrow you will get it

  63. Jad khan (verified owner)

    OK bos

  64. monster inc

    Owesome n great

  65. muszam360

    username: muszam360

    • Raven

      you need to have point to redeem this

  66. dyno6110 (verified owner)

    hi raven…order n0 9354
    casinopub username dyno6110
    W132 username dyno6110

  67. dyno6110 (verified owner)

    raven i not get my rm60 bonus…

  68. Malaysia online game


  69. muzs

    claim rm60
    username : mohamad1987

    • Raven

      kamu perlu point untuk claim ini.. point boleh dikumpul di website ini

  70. muzs


  71. stoner


    • Raven

      what you mean?

  72. hunghee88 (verified owner)

    hunghee88 order no #9470 claim by 12:56 am 27/12/2016 until now not yet process?

    • Raven

      we will process and will not miss.. dont worry

  73. PIANG888 (verified owner)


  74. hunghee88 (verified owner)


    • Raven


  75. soniclayer

    so good

  76. soniclayer

    good day

  77. soniclayer


  78. hunghee88 (verified owner)


  79. Roslan (verified owner)

    Casinopub : magpok
    W138 : magpok

  80. Roslan (verified owner)

    How long can I get my order

    • Raven

      because new year, every is on leave.. so i am not processing.. you will get it soon

  81. hunghee88 (verified owner)

    hi Raven, already send email to W138? my order #9470 5 days already lo. what let me wait so long as i am 1st time claiming .

  82. Roslan (verified owner)

    Raven I very miss you for order #9530

  83. Roslan (verified owner)


  84. Roslan (verified owner)

    Tq casinopub.. For rm60

  85. Roslan (verified owner)

    Order: 9530
    Casinopub : magpok
    W138 : magpok

  86. Roslan (verified owner)

    Order: 9530
    Casinopub. magpok
    W138. magpok

  87. soniclayer

  88. soniclayer


  89. soniclayer


  90. ong999

    i want to claim my free creadit

    • Raven

      you need to have 4000 point to claim this

  91. soniclayer


  92. Xii Memey (verified owner)

    My Order: #9659
    W138 email is :

  93. Xii Memey (verified owner)

    My casino pub email :

  94. dyno6110 (verified owner)

    0rder n0 #9661
    casinopub- dyno6110
    w138- dyno6110

  95. dyno6110 (verified owner)

    hi long the redeem proses?

    • Raven

      sorry, rewarded already

  96. LanTodak

    My casinopub

    • Raven

      what you meaN? you need 4000 point to claim this RM 60

  97. soniclayer

    i want claim 4000

    • Raven


  98. Xii Memey (verified owner)

    My order has complete but when i check balance i still didnt receive anything???help me reven..u doesnt reply my comment at all??

    • Raven

      please check again

  99. Xii Memey (verified owner)

    Ok tq…i receive rm60….

  100. hunghee88 (verified owner)

    Hi Raven , i found that W138 RM 60 Credit there has mistake show that
    Get RM60 W138 Credit with only 4000P with 1 Turnover Needed
    . Should be 10 time.

    • Raven

      fixed, and granted you 100 points for reminding.. thanks

  101. hunghee88 (verified owner)

    Thank you Raven~

  102. Jad khan (verified owner)

    Bo’s 3000 points boleh dapat tak free rm60?

  103. aahmeng (verified owner)

    checkout pls
    January 14, 2017

    ID W138 aahmeng88

    • Raven

      request sent, wait w138 to credit to your account

  104. soniclayer

    how to claim reward

    • Raven

      you need to have 4000 point, please collect your point first

  105. Jad khan (verified owner)

    Bo’s saya Sudah submit tu. Username w138 : amjadkhan . agak2 boleh dapat tak rm60 malam ni Bo’s?

    • Raven

      request sent, please check your account tomorrow in w138

  106. aahmeng (verified owner)

    Srry asking.. ermm raven do i need to poke their CServ or just sit back relax and wait until get it.? ???

    • Raven

      just relex and come back tomorrow to check, because we just sent the request only… lets give them some time.. or else they do not want to sponsor us, then members will get nothing.. haha

  107. Jad khan (verified owner)

    Di email sudah completed. Tpi credit belumasuk

    • Raven

      just come back tomorrow, be calm then you can win them.. haha

  108. aahmeng (verified owner)

    lol .. okay.. be sure go pin* [step by step] how to claim this..✍?
    1st time redeem dunno what to do… huhu

  109. soniclayer


    • Raven

      fast go and collect point

  110. Tasyakiko


  111. 这一个。。比跟那个现金加2000p的。。好像不大划算。。但。。无论如何。。还是努力加自己的分就是。。到时再做选择吧。。

  112. eugene86 (verified owner)

    raven,今天可以拿到rm60 credit吗?我已经提交了的。。。

  113. eugene86 (verified owner)


  114. eugene86 (verified owner)


    • Raven

      i give him the wrong username…. i give him eugene86, sorry..

  115. eugene86 (verified owner)


  116. Mairayyan (verified owner)

    Raven..i submit pagi td..but forgot to put my w138 username is mairayyan..thanks ya

    • Raven

      that is why we are waiting your reply

  117. Mairayyan (verified owner)

    Haha..sorry..i emailed u when can i get the points admin?

  118. Mairayyan (verified owner)

    Another things..i didnt received any email..accept points that i redeem for lucky numbers..i also didnt know what is the lucky points new to this site..

    • Raven

      check the superman page is there your order number or username listed there

  119. eugene86 (verified owner)

    got it within 24hrs!!!

  120. Nancy

    casino pub:Nan****88

  121. Nancy (verified owner)

    when could i receive my bonus

    • Raven

      might be tomorrow

  122. JoeyLee (verified owner)

    casino pub账号名:joey9273(

  123. JoeyLee (verified owner)

    what time i can get the credit to my W138 account….
    my W138 acc username:joey9273

  124. kangfu (verified owner)

    keymaster,please follow up my reward..thanks….

    • Raven

      which reward?

  125. kangfu (verified owner)

    January 20, 2017
    Pay with your Points

  126. kangfu (verified owner)

    may i ask can i get it by today?

  127. Djohn (verified owner)

    hye.. ive received an email my order is complete, but no credit in my w138 account.. Can u please check fo me?
    ORDER NO : #10116

  128. along89 (verified owner)

    Mcm mana nk tahu dh berjaya atau belum?

    • Raven

      please wait 24 to 48 hours

  129. rodneyjr (verified owner)

    hello raven… already buy the w138 free credit..
    order num 10136
    casinopub id—rodneyjr
    w138 id—rodneyjr

  130. Ajiedaje

    tak tau macam mana nak claim.. add chart lepastu macam mana?

  131. Ajiedaje (verified owner)

    raven., saya tak dapat email pun.

    • Raven

      just wait for a while because their person incharge cs off day i think

  132. Ying0926 (verified owner)

    raven y i done get email say my oder#10239 is complete but i still haven get the credit. i ask the w138 live chat say cal me ask here ?
    this msg from w138
    As mentioned we will only do the next step while we get the information from CasinoPub

    • Raven

      you got it already.. please patient…

  133. pengtan (verified owner)

    casinopub username:peng8085
    W138 username:peng8085
    sorry,nak tanya bila saya boleh dapat,kerana saya pm you tak reply…

  134. vennie


  135. pengtan (verified owner)


  136. vennie (verified owner)


  137. pengtan (verified owner)

    W138 username:peng8085
    Casinopub Username:peng8085
    你回复email给我说已经complete related products但我到现在还是没看到咯

    • Raven

      please send us your ic and facebook account number since you have duplicated account..

  138. eugene86 (verified owner)

    raven,如果我上个月17日曾经claim过w138的rm60 credit with 4000 points,这个月1日(距离上次不足60天)再claim过一样的,可以吗?

    • Raven


  139. eugene86 (verified owner)


  140. pengtan (verified owner)


  141. orion2017 (verified owner)

    hi do i need to on my malaysia number for any directions how to claim with w138 or automated?Didnt roam malaysia number am out of the country

    • Raven

      this is not automatic, we have just sent request to w138, they will check and credit to your w138 account ,then you just start your game after that

  142. jctay83 (verified owner)

    hi Raven 我申请了 w138 60 credit 请查看谢谢

    • Raven

      wait for w138 to process

  143. adam1126 (verified owner)

    hi, w138 username is adam1126 and casinopub username is adam1126..can check when i can the credit on w138??

    • Raven

      please wait 48 hours then check your w138 account, if dont have then only check with us.. thanks

  144. Jad khan (verified owner)

    Order no 10543
    Username w138: amjadkhan

  145. NmissR (verified owner)

    W138 username = nic8819
    Order number = 10544
    可以帮我查看看吗,需要sent request或者什么吗?

    • Raven


  146. NmissR (verified owner)

    想问下,已经收到email,多久可以会cliam到w138 credit rm60?

    • Raven


  147. NmissR (verified owner)


    • Raven


  148. NmissR (verified owner)


  149. ILADY (verified owner)

    W138 username = ilady
    Order number = 10579
    can help me check…? tq

    • Raven

      sent request already

  150. Wanradzi (verified owner)

    W138 username=Wanradzi
    Order No=10689
    Please check for me too…

  151. rodneyjr (verified owner)

    w138 username : rodneyjr
    order num: 10822
    casinopub id : rodneyjr

  152. rodneyjr (verified owner)

    admin… can u pls check for my request num 10822… rm60 from w138. the deposit not yet in my acc =)

    • Raven

      you need to wait 24 hours then only check for this..

  153. ILADY (verified owner)

    i cant proceed to checkout after add to cart….how ar..? i want reward w138 rm60 for 4000 point

    • Raven

      please private message us your username and password, we help you check and see, thanks

  154. ILADY (verified owner)

    where to send private msg

  155. ILADY (verified owner)

    CASINOPUB username = ILADY
    W138 username = ilady13
    Order number = 10942
    can help me check…? tq

    • Raven

      tomorrow you will get it.. processed

  156. ck

    how to apply 4000p > rm 60 need deposit ka

    • Raven

      you need to collect point first

  157. ILADY (verified owner)

    y i still not yet received the rm60 from W138

    • Raven

      check by today..

  158. MadRozz™ (verified owner)

    Hi Raven…!!!

    I’ve Purchased “W138 RM60 FREE CREDIT”

    I Just Wanna Ask When Will I Recieve The Free Credit RM60 ?? In Between 48Hours ?? How Will I Know That The Free RM60 Has Already Credited In My W138 Account ??

    TQ Raven.

    • CASINO PUB USERNAME : madrozz77
    • W138 USERNAME : madrozz77
    • ORDER NUMBER : #10961

    • Raven

      please check tomorrow, thanks

  159. Ajiedaje (verified owner)

    raven,, please check oder no 10981. tq

  160. Ajiedaje (verified owner)

    kalau claim pukul 10am comfirm cepat approve kredit. hari ni test submit pukul 12am. kita tunggu dan lihat. nite…

  161. Ajiedaje (verified owner)

    raven. tak masuk lagi kredit.. tak sabar nak kalah ni. hehehe

    • Raven

      i have check the claim, they did not reply yet.. i livechat them and check why, maybe email go to their spambox..

  162. MadRozz™ (verified owner)

    Hi Raven.

    I Wanna Ask About “W138 RM60 FREE CREDIT”

    How Will I Know That My Free Credit Already Credited To My “W138” Account ?? Just Now I Log In To My “W138” Account But There Is Nothing, I Dont See Any Free Credit “MYR60” How Long Does It Take To Process This Free Credit ?? I Believe Its Been Already More Then 24Hours. Can You Please Check And Get Back To Me ?? TQ Raven.

    Sorry For Asking So Many Questions. Its My 1st Time Clamming Free Credit From Here. Hehe..

    • CASINO PUB USERNAME : madrozz77
    • W138 USERNAME : madrozz77
    • ORDER NUMBER : #10961

    TQ Raven. ?

    • Raven

      please patient, they did not received my request, i will wechat them to check email and spam inbox, maybe their person in charge for freebet is not around

  163. Ajiedaje (verified owner)

    raven.. tak in lagi lor…

  164. Captain99

    hai i nak claim bagai mana

  165. Captain99 (verified owner)

    berape lame i tunggu ye

  166. Captain99 (verified owner)

    raven bile i nak dapat kredit w138 noe

    • Raven

      by today

  167. MadRozz™ (verified owner)

    Hi Raven.

    Thank You So Much. I Just Check My “W138” Account And I Already Recieve “W138 RM60 FREE CREDIT”

    #CasinoPub The Best.

    TQ Raven. ✌??

  168. Captain99 (verified owner)

    raven i punya msg gmail dapt complate tp tada pun credit??

  169. Captain99 (verified owner)

    raven kenpa i punya w138 tiada pun credit

  170. Nancy (verified owner)

    hi raven. I din receive order form by email as i edi submit for w138 free credit rm60.
    Username: Nancy010188

    • Raven


  171. Nancy (verified owner)

    hi raven i still not yet receive credit on my w138
    username: Nancy010188

    • Raven

      hi, please check, the email goes to spambox of w138

  172. Uyun94 (verified owner)

    Hii order has been completed but i stiil did not receive rm60 reference Order #11217..

    • Raven

      hi, please wait 24 hours, if still dont have, please contact us, we will check

  173. nazshima

    casinopub :shima78
    w138 : nazshima

  174. Kv1388 (verified owner)

    请问我能一次换两个reward 吗

    • Raven

      一个月只有一次freebet, 还有,请查看get started page, 想继续拿我们的freebet,就必须升级等级,开始赚silver coin 吧

  175. chopxxx (verified owner)

    username w138 : chopxxx
    email :


  176. chopxxx (verified owner)

    hallo .. order sudah belum dapat lg..
    reference Order #11378

    username W138 : chopxxx

  177. Kuansheng


    • Raven


  178. samling8887 (verified owner)

    Very good… I really like it

  179. samling8887 (verified owner)

    Please check for me my status for the request,
    Order #11413

  180. amykia77

    Cmna nk claim

    • Raven

      anda perlu kumpul poin dule, check “get started” page in menu

  181. Samyeoh

    saya sudah summit kah?

    • Raven

      you need to have point to cliam this

  182. Kv1388 (verified owner)

    Order code #11558
    Username w138: kv1388

  183. Kv1388 (verified owner)


  184. ILADY (verified owner)

    W138 username = ilady13
    Order number = 11573
    can help me check…? tq

  185. ILADY (verified owner)

    y no ppl reply ger

    • Raven

      hi, please level up your rank to claim freebet

  186. Kv1388 (verified owner)

    不是一个月claim 一次吗

  187. leogurl (verified owner)

    Username w138: beedov84

  188. mierul94 (verified owner)

    Casinopub: mierul94
    W138: mierul94

    • Raven

      please level up your rank since you have claim 3 times freebet already, thanks

  189. mierul94 (verified owner)

    done update..

  190. Nancy (verified owner)

    i still din receive my credit in w138

    • Raven

      hi, you have to upgrade you level to get more freebet, or else you can only have one free bet

  191. Nancy (verified owner)

    i don understand wat 1 free bet
    how to upgrade my level?

  192. mierul94 (verified owner)

    Raven i have buy for this reward 4k but get return only 2k.why?

  193. Samyeoh (verified owner)

    12014 to w138 username randdieong

  194. Samyeoh (verified owner)

    casinopub samyeoh 12014 w138 randdieong

  195. Fckh

    Casino pub Username: slot9299

  196. Samyeoh (verified owner)

    how to updete level

  197. Samyeoh (verified owner)

    samyeoh 12049 w138 randdieong

  198. AL AZIM MUHAMMAD AL AZIM (verified owner)

    User name w138 azim69 claim for reedem 4000 point rm60

    • Raven


  199. neverculture (verified owner)

    i raven. i submit my redeem to you, please check and thank you 🙂

    • Raven


  200. KucingHitam (verified owner)

    Order #12342 please check

  201. KucingHitam (verified owner)

    hallo boss ? tolong check order #12342 dah claim utk w138

  202. KucingHitam (verified owner)

    Your order has been received and is now being processed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:

    Order #12342

  203. (verified owner)

    W138 username = ilady13
    Order number = 12470
    can help me check…? tq

  204. (verified owner)


    • Raven

      we have sent email to you regarding you have claim the freebet few time before, so now you have to level up your rank before further claim.
      it is easy to upgrade you rank…

      PM: please check your mail or private message us before complain casinopub publicly… thanks

  205. ewan99

    username: ewan99

  206. Pikod


  207. akil94

    username akil94 claim w138 rm60 please

    • Raven

      you need to use your point to redeem this

  208. frequency

    Username w138 frequency claim for reedem 4000 point Rm60

    • Raven

      we did not see you purchase, you need 4000 point to claim

  209. Lolipop

    Casino pun = usuname momocaca

    • Raven

      you need point to claim

  210. Pallmall11

    Claim bonus w138

  211. Pallmall11

    My casinopub user :Pallmall11
    Claim w138 4000p rm60

  212. (verified owner)

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    Sudah tolak saya punya point mcm mana mau claim ini boss

  213. (verified owner)

    #13292 boss ini saya punya order number tolong check ye…

  214. (verified owner)

    Boss email saya
    W138 username aditmar91

    • Raven

      rewarded , please check

  215. Aditmar (verified owner)

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    Sdh mau 24 jam saya tunggu

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  217. Radzmar Roy (verified owner)

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  218. Raven

    please check tomorrow, we have sent request of your credit but i think their person incharge of the casinopub free credit is not working right now

  219. Radzmar Roy (verified owner)

    Mau check di mana boss raven?? Saya sudah login ke w138 tiada pun kredit saya..

  220. Radzmar Roy (verified owner)

    U tell the live chat boss

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      you need to earn poing first

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    Username: preston716
    Hi Raven, may i know… can i get my claim reward by today?

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    Order NO: 14108

    • Raven

      yes, we are sending request to them how to proceed those order

  227. Edmund (verified owner)

    原来同时间一次不能换超过一个freebet的,Level4一个月可以换20个freebet也好也是不可以,例如12000分不能一次过换三个RM 60 freebet,要一个换了RM 60 rollover完了,才可以再换第二个。

    • Raven

      因为一次freebet and 全部一起换的性质是完全不同的,所以商家拒绝了。。。只可以一次一次换

  228. Edmund (verified owner)

    都要15 X turnover了,还要一个完了才能换第二个,不能一起换,真的是不知要如何说。。

  229. pailang88 (verified owner)

    Hi raven
    Could you check my order #14134 progress..​How long it will be credited? Tq

    • Raven

      it took 24 hours, but i think you got it already

  230. pallmall11 (verified owner)

    Hi Raven
    Pls check my order #14177
    w138 rm60
    user: erabiru11
    And Tq

    • Raven


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    So now i just waiting right.
    Tyvm !!!

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      you need to earn point to claim

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    Order #14393
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    • Raven

      hi, you can cliam up to 10 x freebet , but one month only entitle for one claim, so we suggest you to keep the point to join other event.. thanks …

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    Hi Raven can you please activate the credits as my order has been completed.

    w138 username : eugostrike
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    casinopub id : eugostrike


    • Raven

      i guess you got the credit already

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    W138 username Miyaki

  241. miyakileong (verified owner)

    I had purchase to claim free bet w138 RM60,but y still no credit , username :miYAki
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    • Raven

      hi, we just saw it and have sent request to w138… they will process soon

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    • Raven

      please read the terms carelly, you will be deduct 50% of your point of this 4000 purchase and refund 2000 to you. everyone can only redeem one freebet unless you are level 2 and above… we have given you 6 freebets before but have not found any deposit from you… thanks…

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    • Raven

      i have email you and reply you already because you have exceed limited to claim freebet…. you need to earn silver coin to upgrade your level, please check silver coin page

  260. Jad khan (verified owner)

    Bos sudah lebih 48 jam belum dapat lagi ni. Status dah proses tapi baki 0 ..
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      we have send the request this morning, got already?

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      we have reply you already, it seems like you use different email in the freebet claim submition. In Addition, May i know what level are you now?

  355. Khalid96 (verified owner)

    i dont get it.. different email? Raven is there any place we can have private conversation?

    • Raven

      sorry the email is same as your current one, but i have reply you email, may i know what is your level now ?

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      you need to get point first

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      u have only 21 points, cannot redeem anything

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      sent to them already, just wait for evening you might be got the credit already, thanks

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      hi, you you have enough point?

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  365. aiyabb (verified owner)

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    • Raven

      they said they alreaady deposit to you already, please check again and let us know. thanks

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    • Raven

      please earn point first then you can get this for free,thanks

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    • Raven

      yes, you can, you need to collect point then redeem this RM 60 for free..

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  376. Jr_0404 (verified owner)

    It say my order #44217 has been marked complete on casinopub side. But I still not yet see the RM60 credit in my w138 account?

    • Raven

      I believe you got already, need wait 24 hours

  377. Jr_0404 (verified owner)

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  378. Jr_0404 (verified owner)

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  383. Jr_0404 (verified owner)

    Raven, only can claim one freebets once a month? Or have to get more silver coins if want to have two freebets?

    • Raven

      have to claim more silver, 10 silver will upgrade to level 2.

      where do you see one freebets once a month? i need to modify the text..

  384. Justin6137

    Can’t use point claim this freebets?
    I have point 8000k

    • Raven

      case settled at private message

    • Raven

      您的point 已经转到pub100 了

  385. Gilbert

    Order #47172
    W138 ID : gilbert1981

  386. doreen (verified owner)

    Payment for Order: #48588 为什么还没进到的?

    • Raven


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