W138 RM 200 Credit

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Get RM 200 W138 Credit with just ( 2000P + RM 100 Deposit ) with just 10 Turnovers Needed. Please write down the usernames of your CasinoPub account as well as this casino’s account in the checkout. It takes about 24Hours to process.This Item is available for New and Existing member.
您可用  2000P + RM 100 Deposit  积分换取 RM 200 的 W138 筹码,只需符合10倍的投注率。请在订购时注明你的Casinopub 用户名及此博彩网的用户名。新旧会员都可享用

Normal Offer from W138 正常W138的优惠

100% bonus with 25x Turnovers ; 100%优惠,25倍的投注率
Only For New Member. 只限新会员


Increase your winning Rate: Use 2000 point to lower your turnover from 25x to 10x and get a 100% welcome bonus pass even you are existing member of that Online Casino.


How to Claim

  1. Deposit RM 100 for w138, dont start your game first
  2. Purchase this package, casinopub will send request to W138 to increase another RM 100
  3. After w138 approved, you can start play it.


66 reviews for W138 RM 200 Credit

  1. isabp

    Have fun

  2. ehairi


    • Raven

      hellow, anything i can help You?

  3. Tuan mohd farhan

    So good game

  4. Muhammad Azuan


  5. jing


  6. vyper77

    nice to get it


    Mcm mana nk claim ni..??

    • Raven

      deposit RM 100 dapat RM 200

  8. bearbee

    Wish to get it.

  9. meta84


  10. Chiew yaw huei

    Good product

  11. Jad khan


  12. conie chieywa


  13. JoeyLee


    • Raven

      不是很清楚你的建议。。。 可以再解释一下吗?

  14. nirsa iopa

    kira berbaloi like 100% deposit bonus dengan 10x turnover

  15. Ihsani


  16. nirsa iopa

    Boleh explain detail,, buat deposit dulu rm100 then redeem point atau redeem point dulu pastu buat deposit anytime sebelum buat withdraw?

    • Raven

      but deposit dulu tapi jangan main, lepas redeem product, lepes tu you akan dapat 100% with 10x turnover dalam 24jam

  17. memphisteoh


  18. nirsa iopa (verified owner)

    Dah buat deposit rm100 dan redeem sent..tq

    • Raven

      yes, we have sent request to them, wait for their reply

    • Raven


  19. nirsa iopa (verified owner)

    Belum ada luck lagi kat sini….

    • Raven

      hahaha… what you play?

  20. JoeyLee


    • Raven

      是的,存100, 得200

  21. nirsa iopa (verified owner)

    Dah submit redeem..please check ya

    • Raven


  22. soniclayer

  23. Kongyap

    If u try it maybe got change to win it either u not try u never to win or get

  24. Mairayyan

    Nice xfaham la admin..lepas deposit 100 then dpt points ke.mcm mana?my points xckup around 400..then kena tnggu point cukup or lepas deposit dpt point lg?

    • Raven

      deposit RM 100 to w138, then beli package ini, then we will send request to w138, w138 will add free another RM 100 to you, total Rm 200

  25. 这一项目。。就是我的下一个target..。rm100+2000p就可以redeem了。。很棒的项目。。

  26. Damia (verified owner)

    Boss if not deposit can ar??i already purchase w138 rm200..

    • Raven

      need to deposit of this…


    Get RM 200 W138 Credit with just ( 2000P + RM 100 Deposit ) with just 10 Turnovers Needed
    turn over belum habis, tp duit sudah habis. mcmcna lak tu nak solved

    • Raven

      what do you mean?

  28. IzwannSamm


  29. Aditmar

    Can anybody tell me about purchasing the credit

    • Raven

      just go to reward page, click check out to purchase those free credit, RM 200 w138 need deposit, the rest no need deposit

  30. Aditmar

    Any other kredit without deposit just use my point to buy?

  31. along89 (verified owner)

    Raven, dah proceed checkout.. bila masuk credit?

  32. along89 (verified owner)

    Deposit dah buat rm100

  33. along89 (verified owner)

    Dah letak remark username along89

    • Raven

      you will get is soon, and we have reward you 1000 points because the lateness

  34. along89 (verified owner)

    Bila ? Sekarang pn masih xdpt2 lg

  35. along89 (verified owner)

    Raven reward 1000 point xdpt pun? Huhu

    • Raven

      rewarded, please check

  36. Captain99

    hai i sudah deposit ke dalam w138 rm100…
    so i nk tebus ini

  37. Captain99


  38. Captain99

    hai raven???

  39. ocex83 (verified owner)

    Sudah submit

    • Raven

      you sudah deposit RM 100 w138 belum?

  40. ocex83 (verified owner)

    Dah deposit, dah sampai habis… ape tunggu punya lama la.. so mcm mna tu?.. nak kena deposit semula ke?

    • Raven

      hi, we have email you that to ask your username in w138, then only they can deposit for you

  41. ocex83 (verified owner)

    My username in w138 : ocex83

  42. ocex83 (verified owner)

    Hi raven.. I masih tak dapat lagi apa2 lagi feedback dari u..

    • Raven

      hi, w138 sudah deposit di account anda

  43. ocex83 (verified owner)

    Hi raven.. I sudah cek dlm account w138 still takde ape2 pun.

    • Raven

      hi, that product you order, you need to deposit, please check the terms and condition…
      if you do not want to deposit, please cliam other product…

  44. ocex83 (verified owner)

    I already deposit

  45. ocex83 (verified owner)

    Brp lama nk kena tunggu?

    • Raven

      we have send request to them, please wait

  46. Peggy1224 (verified owner)

    Can I cancel this request and how to cancel

    • Raven

      cancel only have 50% refund, please let us know if you want to cancel… thanks

  47. KucingHitam

    hello Your order has been received and is now being processed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:

    Order #12342

  48. Edmund


    • Raven

      这是可以的,但你要有 2000 points 来换
      在24小时里,就会进。那个turnover 达成了您才可以claim 第二个

  49. Edmund


  50. Daneil

    Mohdazli Cliam 500

  51. pallmall11 (verified owner)

    Payment for Order: #13924

  52. pallmall11 (verified owner)

    Order: #13924
    erabiru11 w138 RM200
    I deposit already

  53. razlee


  54. siti khatijah binti mohamad sulong


  55. siti khatijah binti mohamad sulong

    good casino

  56. (verified owner)

    而且turnover 只需X10而已。。这优惠可说是全城最值的。。

  57. mohd95


  58. izul

    nice reward..

  59. izul


  60. Tansufen


  61. ADDY89


  62. Noor fatinsuhana

    I want this point.

  63. Chinozbelacan

    Not enought money to play this site

  64. Nor Asmieda Mieda

    Thats Good

  65. Nor Asmieda Mieda


  66. akuw

    good job

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