point2win (New Update) Vol. 4

Description 解释

No need to deposit, Just use your point to buy numbers, you can buy as many number you can, after reach 600 Numbers or reach certain total amount of member purchasing, we will annouce the date of magnum 4d for the result, last 3 digits number is the winner number, if there is no winner, we will refer the second Prize Result or Third Prize Result.

不需要存款, 用你所在Casino Pub 累积的积分来换取幸运号码,当有600幸运号码销售完之后,我们就会宣布日期开始抽奖,我们会根据Magnum 4第一奖最后三个号码,如果没有人中奖,就会依据二奖与三奖。

How many Lucky Numbers you want?


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How it works

  1. Purchase how many lucky numbers you want.
  2. Check your lucky number in 48 hours on this page.
  3. After accumulated 40,000 points, we will start the lucky draw RM 200.
  4. One Lucky Winner will only be choosen by refering the Magnum 4d result(First Prize), if the first prize dot not have the winner, we will refer second prize and third prize result.
  5. Your lucky Numbers will show up immediately in the table, please check.

Participants 参赛者




  1. Raven兄,发现写错句子。
    (you can buy as many number you can, after the member but the 600 Numbers)

  2. am i win?

    • please wait all 600 number sold out first, then we will annouce the lucky draw date of 4D magnum to refer, thanks a

  3. what happen to vol 3 ? i wasted too many points there and not getting refund ?

    • you did not win in vol 3.

      if you bet ot but you did not win, should you get refund?

      • oiyo…Raven..nowaday really have fierce person will ask to refund back for not get winning on something..
        i think if lion meet this kind of person then lion will also run away far2 because this person more fierce than lion..
        hahahaha 🙂

        • recently we found someone claiming the birhtday free cards, and she give us wrong info again and again and while we cancel her claim because trouble us, then she start to rude finally she found her correct info, but too late, rudeness lead you to poor. keep in mind that. lol

    • How to buy?

  4. Id plizz boss

  5. Goodluck

  6. how to know i win or not ? n how to check my number ?

    • when you purchase the number, you order number and your username will show in the table, when the number reach 600 participante, then only we will draw RM 200 cash

  7. but already wait for so long…everybody lets purchase the number to make it faster reach 600

    • after this event, we will upgrade this even to make it fast..

      • wow…good news…this is what we wan to hear it..

  8. few to go…

  9. lets go…reach 600 already

    • ok, this sunday will be the draw result base on the magnum4d, 6th May 2018

      • that good…this coming sunday will be a big day for ervrybody… 🙂

  10. but my lucky number 601 is on the list rite?

  11. Raven…so my lucky number 601 is it will be count in or not?

    • you go to you point page, you can see what is your lucky number, or you can search for your user in the table..

  12. the winner is 313 on vol 4

  13. winner username is ajid88, please update your profil will your real name and contact us for the prize..

  14. so sad the winner not me… 🙁

  15. winner not me… 🙁

  16. No 1

  17. anyone please help me…i juz not understanding wat this is all about??what should i do?

    • have you win this lucky draw? currently this point2win is on hold for joining.

  18. Still play but don’t know when can I get the money from the account.

    • really? u play and win but don know when can get the money??? can explain more to give more understanding for this?

  19. hi

  20. Clem Free kredik

  21. 怎样才能参与

  22. Can help me how to join

  23. clim free credit

  24. 2 tickets for entrance

    • please hold on for the point2 win will reset on our new website..thanks for support

  25. how it work

  26. This my first day join, pls anyone can teach me more and which casino that play with fun… tq

    • hi, you can join any our recommended casino such as w88, w138, k138 and dafabet.. thanks

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