Introduce of Juventus New Logo

Introduce of Juventus New Logo

Turin – Starting next season, sometime in July 2017, the club will use the new logo. Juventus completely change the design of its logo. Very different from the previous logo. Juventus introduce a new logo in the city of Milan, which was attended by the Director, officials, invited guests and the players Juventus. Juventus have left their legendary logo. No picture shield, no bull silhouette image. However, the new logo uses a minimalist design, which resembles the letter “J”.
What do you think, guys?



  1. 没喜欢的足球队,看不懂

    • 女生。。多数是爱阿根廷队的。。因它的球衣。。属最大众化

  2. conie90

    • what is this?

      • my year of birthday 1990 logo haha?

  3. Wow..nice!!

  4. 等下。。
    1900 juventus vs lazio

  5. 祖云杜斯

  6. Juventus all the best

  7. Logo 1990 adalah tahun saya beranak. 4 Feb 1990…

  8. Nice

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