Mah Jong Game have many game style in Mobile game such as Hong Hong Style, Taiwan Style, 3P style, or new style invented recently such as Texas Mahjong. We listed few Mahjong for your to experience it.


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Mahjong 3P (三人麻將)

Mahjong 3P (M3P) is a Three Player Mahjong that is characterised by its simplicity, fast pace and high stakes. On average it takes less than 3 minutes to complete one game! This Three Players Mah-jong is an adaptation of the Three Players Mahjong th...


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明星三缺一 2015

=======全球玩家 五星推荐======= 海内外多国娱乐场、桌面游戏类排名前十名! ◎ 简单易玩,消磨时间必备。-灭火器箱 ◎ 作为中国最为群众热衷的麻将,好玩哦。-么么熊 ◎ 玩了很多打麻将,最喜欢明星三缺一。-jstcsss ◎ 这游戏玩了好久,很适合广大的麻油们。-苏盈恩


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Mahjong 13 tiles

Top rated majhong games in china so far.There is a Detailed instruction in game,you can learn to play Mahjong even if you never heard of it before. Special auxiliary functions can also assist you to play this game.It's really awesome,download and enj...

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