Gwin9 RM18 Free Credit Claim

Get RM18 Free Credit for Gwin9

Gwin9 RM18 Free Credit Claim

Got tricked in April Fool? Gwin9 is giving away RM18 Free credit for Pub100 users! 

How to get RM18 Free Credit?

Visit Pub100 , Login/Register as member , follow the requirement , fill up the form for Free Credit!

Notes and Steps

  • Steps & Procedures

    1. Click on “Claim Here” button to visit Pub100’s claim page.
    2. Register/Login into Pub100
    3. Fill up the form in the page and other requirement (Will need Gwin9 and Pub100 username)
    4. Wait for free claim.
  • Note & Conditions

    1. You must be registered or logged in Pub100 to claim RM18 free credit.
    2. Each person can only claim once.
    3. Limited to First 100 person.

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