GCwin33 is scam! Golden City puiii

GCwin33 is scam! Golden City puiii

Dont trust this. This website just try to scam money when you are winning. They will make your money disappear when you try to transfer from casino back to main wallet. Means that your casino site balance will decrease but your main wallet just remain when you doing transfer. Already spoke to their in charge or IT, they will just bloody ignore and just say you lose all that money at the casino, even you show them all the proof and showing that the money in & out was not tally at all. Bloody sucks.

As in the photo is all the proof. I transfer 300 to SA. Then on the same day I dont even lose as show in the statement bet log but my money all gone.


  1. knn fuck those scammer

    • End up did you get your money bro? Cause i play with this company also. If they are scam then i will ban this company also.

  2. did u recieve your funds . u can watsapp me the details ? https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=6598802897&text=casino

  3. I was also scammed by this casino. They were delaying my withdrawal of rm6000 sayibg manager not in la, then later have to wait till they finish counting balance, then another excuse they reached the limit for transfer of the day. And then they bank in 2500 ans that was it. Their excuse? ‘oh your winning is 6000 but deposit only 350 so far’ what the hell right


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