Fortune Wheel Added in Pub100

Fortune Wheel Added in Pub100

Did you notice a new feature has been added in Pub100’s bottom corner?

That is our New Fortune Wheel function! Pressing the wheel button will prompt a Fortune Wheel window . Press “SPIN NOW” to get free points , RM, or even the rare silver!

To participate the Fortune Wheel, you must

  1. Register and Login Pub100
  2. Come back everyday to Spin the wheel ONCE.
  3. That’s all!

List of Rewards

Below are the list of rewards you can get from spinning the wheel day! Only 1 reward is possible per spin!

  1. Nothing
  2. 50 Points
  3. 100 Points
  4. 200 Points
  5. RM5
  6. RM20
  7. RM50
  8. 1 Silver

Notes and Steps

  • Steps & Procedures

    1. Login or Register in Pub100
    2. Click the “Fortune Wheel” Symbol on bottom right of webpage. This appear on every Pub100 page.
    3. Once pressed, a side bar will appear (or top bar will come down if you’re on mobile) , Press “Spin now”.
    4. Wait for the Wheel to finish spinning and see what reward you get. The reward will be automatically given into your logged in account.
    5. Collect more points or Convert into RM to Claim Free bets!
    6. Come back every 24 hours for another Spin.
  • Note & Conditions

    1. All the rewards gain are only available in Pub100, all points/RM/coins are only usable in Pub100.
    2. Points are used to convert into RM, RM are used to claim free credits for sponsored casino. You will require enough RM to claim free credits. Know more here
    3. Spins reset are TIMER BASED. Means it will reset after 24 hour based on your last spin. Example: if you spin on 8am today, your free spin will be available on 8am tomorrow.
    4. If any circumstances you are able to spin additional times within a day, only the first result are valid. The rest are voided.
    5. If any exploit were found and unreported, your account might be banned or frozen until further notice.
    6. Pub100 & Casino-pub reserved with all the rights to change the prizes given or the conditions without any prior notice.

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