WINNER IS username:ERIC89

EuroCup 2016 Prediction

First Prize RM 1000

Second Prize 300

Third Prize 100

Follow 4 Steps takes 5 mins to join.

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Predict…

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Step 3: Like Page

Step 4: Share & tag

How it works

1.Predict the winner teams and earn as higher points as you can. Click on step 2 pop-up link to fill your prediction Each field will earn the following point whenever you have the accurate prediction. Sum up all the score when the Session end.

First Place get 10 points
Second Place get 5 points
Third Place get 3 points
Quarter-final get 1 points

2. Same Point Will Share the Same Prizes
3. Cash Prize could be Double if you choose to converted to Online Casino Credit with 15 Turnovers.
4. You have to successfully predicted any of the top 3 placement only you can entitle to win the prize.

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