Deadpool Share & Get points for Freebet (no Deposit)

Share > Earn Points > Redeem Freebet

Web Admin Will check and your points will be given on Monthly Basis. 

Step 1: Share

Step 2: Claim Points After Share


we will contact you if you have done your mistake on share.


  1. when i can get my fb share point ?

    • you have share wrong button, please share the post, not share the page, click the button on step one

      • Done share and submit form

        • Bos saya suda share .. bila boleh dpt kn free credit. ..

          • anda perlu dapat point dulu, lepas tu guna point tukar RM 60 credit

      • boss bile saya boleyh dapat saya punya fb share point ?

      • Sy sudahhare

      • Sir did share correctly..

        • we need your facebook address… because we cannot find your facebook page

      • Bila dapat free ni bos

    • How get my point

      • give you the points already

      • will added to you point directly.. you can check tomorrow, we will reply you email whether is qualify, if not, we will reply you why

  2. When i receive my point..already share

    • we did not receive your claim yet

      • Where can i claim the the bonus??

        • this page, step 2, fill in the form, we will check, thanks

          • Ok already done send form just now

  3. Already share.. My point is???

    • please submit again, either we cannot find your username, or we cannot find your facebook share..

  4. boss..done share…how to claim free credit?

  5. When I can get my freebet

  6. hi done share
    When I can get my freebet

    • you need to collect point to redeem freebet RM 60

      • how n Where to collect point, n how many point needed?

      • Ady share, n summit claim

      • that..not just share and get freebet ? how much points needed before can claim ?

        • HI, you can check on the reward page, thanks

      • Yes boss

  7. When can i get my freebet?

    • you have to get your free point first

      • how to collect free point??

        • play scratch card a share facebook (your real account)

  8. Lucky

  9. Cooll ;))

  10. Done share…hw to gt free ?

    • awarded you already, please check

  11. redeem freebet

  12. redeem freebet no deposit

  13. Done share bos

    • we will award you if you are qualify of you share

  14. received my form?

  15. i did shared pls kindly check pls

    • we will check and will award the point if it is qualified

      • sorryvfor interrupt some question.can i know if qualified how can i know l.where will i received ur result.isnt in here or where…

  16. hello i did received ur 10 free point untuk percuma main game.can i know how to redeem the 10 free point pls

    • 10 free point is not enough to redeem any gift card or freebet…

  17. hello username Mariuslim i did shared n post this can i redeem bonus pls

    • given already, check and see

  18. Ive done share..

  19. Y i still no get my freebet

    • i think you have fill the wrong in facebook url, please fill again

  20. i done shere & like

  21. i done

  22. What is Facebook URL?

    • facebook url is facebook website, mean

  23. Hows mine freebet?? ive done share..

    • you need to get enough point to redeem it from reward page

    • Hows mine freebet?? ive done share..

      • hi, you can only get free bet when you point are many, please check your point and reward page,thanks

  24. share and like done

  25. i done like & share thx.

  26. sudah share n submit form..tapi tak dapat points lagi

    • given, check again, thanks

  27. boss,i already send my share detai,can u check it for me

    • your point already rewarded

  28. like n share done..

  29. saya sudah dpt tq 🙂

  30. ive shared alrdy…didnt get any points yet?

    • you have to submit your facebook website address

  31. I already submit,how it proceed?

    • you have rewarded 200 points, please collect the point until you can redeem any products..

  32. Sir alrdy submit share .. when i receive freebet??

    • you need to collect point until 4000 points and redeem at the reward page

      • Can u show me for collect to point ?

        • you can click on the “point” at the menu to show your point or the address is

  33. pls check about my free bet

    • points awarded to your account, please check..

  34. why i still not get point?

    • the point reward is manually done by our moderator, so need 24- 48 hours to be updated

  35. Hello boss? What about mine.i done like&share

    • the point reward is manually done by our moderator, so need 24- 48 hours to be updated.

  36. Erm..boss..what can i claim with 1000+ points?

  37. Like and share done..when i can get my free point sir?

  38. mcmna nk redeem point

    • just share, we will check and reward you the point in 24 hours

  39. pls cherk..share done

  40. 200 Points received..Thanks

  41. done for share.

  42. point pls:-)

    • we cannot even find your facebook address, the facebook address should look like,

  43. hello morning sir i just shared can u pls check thank you.

    • we cannot find your share, and your facebook only have 28 friends, it is unqualified. sorry for that

      • sorry nope my friend hv 841 around honestly.can i share 1 one more time or wat should i do now pls

        • hello mr raven i just filled up the form again.can u pls check again friends total hv 841.n i did show the post in public i check again.also in public maybe the fblink i sent it to u not proper.i am so srry to make u trouble.

          • your points just rewarded

          • hello raven can i know where to see my point is that from txt msg r wat

          • click on the menu, there is a point button

  44. Untuk syarat share, new week dikira bermula setiap hari Isnin atau 7hari selepas share sebelum ni dibuat?

    • 7hari selepas share, awarded 100 points to your of being point out of unclear terms and conditions

      • point received…thanks again for admin

  45. claim point share deadpool facebook


  47. share was on the 2nd.. but only just now key in form…

  48. Pls check share done

  49. Done like& share…how to claim

  50. i did post n shared in fb n fill up the form already but sound like never received any credit yet

    • when did you post? it seems like you have filled the facebook url wrongly so we cannot find to look into your wall

  51. Raven 几时我才能得到 claim point

    • 可能你submit 错了,所以得不到point… 如果你的submission 有问题,我们会回复你的,你查看你的email 为什么得不到point

  52. Done like n share when can claim my point

  53. Sir…Share done…

    • hi, your facebook address that you giving me is wrong.. so we cannot check your share…

  54. done share juga untuk minggu ni

  55. Bos,,saya punya fb share ada problem tak,,,biasa cepat je terima point..kalau ada problem inform back ya,,saya submit semula

  56. Done share…i wan claim the free point…

  57. Done share…i wan claim the free point…

  58. Done share,how next ?

    • just wait, we will check and reward you the point

  59. I faund something interest

  60. 赞与tag friend 分享,领取更多奖励分

  61. All step done..

  62. All Step Done

  63. Share selesai untuk minggu ini..thanks

  64. I have not received my free points. Already shared.

  65. share done

  66. like n share done..sir…check this,,fb username:Perayau Maya

  67. 已赞与分享,领取更多的奖励分

  68. Done share sir.

  69. Done share..

  70. How to claim bonus?

  71. Saya nak redeem rm60

  72. Hello I already done share.. Fikri najib my casinopub username and [email protected] my email on fb.

  73. share done for new week

  74. Done .. Share.. Where i get point??

  75. done like&share get more point

    • only share weekly, or you will be deducted point -500 points

      • 可是我上个星期我都没领取到奖励

  76. Hello Raven. I done it share.. How to check my point? It its success? Thanks

    • click point on menu to check, thanks

      • I mean I share this post. When I get free credit sir

  77. Claim point

  78. Share done..tq

  79. Done share utk pembetulan yang silap share..

  80. Boss.. baru perasaan tengok.. yang item share ni bukan ke DEADPOOL ke? Kat tajuk ditulis DEALPOOL.. just sharing kalau saya silap mohon maaf..TQ

  81. share done sir

    • you have fill the wrong facebook url, we are unable to find your facebook 🙁

  82. Done share

  83. Share selesai..tq bosku

  84. 实在搞不明白到底要怎样做才能赚到更多的积分??

    • 在forum page, earn point page 看看,你就懂了


    • have reward you point already

  86. 请问这个free point 和1和15号的share free point 一样的吗!

    • 不一样,那个fantastic 4 share 还没有开始

      • 可是那天我1号和15号分享了,好像没得到奖励?

        • 1号和15号分享的fantastic 4 还没开始呢

          • 为何我没得到分数的,12月25日我分享了,但没得到分数

  87. Bo’s yang saya share Facebook minggu lepas points tak masuk lagi. Kenapa ya?

    • the post have already change, please share on this page… the button…

    • share lagi, check the image show up or not after you share

  88. share done sir,hope u can find my fb this time

  89. Share settle utk this week

  90. sir,done share

  91. Claim redom point

  92. did i share the correct page?

    • i don know.. to manay people share, please check your point status

  93. Last week punya share tak terima point,,dah maklum kat email juga tapi takda response.. harap2 share untuk minggu ni tak ada masalah lagi dan point di terima macam biasa..

    • last week share maybe our moderator miss it…

  94. Claim point.. Done share

  95. claim point sir,share already done

  96. Done share boss

  97. Done share untuk minggu ni

  98. Done can i claim free credit?

    • u need to reach 4000 point to get RM 60 credit

  99. done

  100. Belum masuk lagi point ni,, nanti miss macam 2 minggu lepas hmmm

  101. Done share!

  102. Done sharing!!

  103. claim share fb sir.done share

  104. sir,where is my free point fb share

  105. no respon

  106. 已分享

  107. my share done… pls check… if got any wrong… tell me ya… thanks all first

    • hi, we cannot see your share in your facebook wall, you need to share it publicly

  108. share minggu ni selesai… link deadpool error,, so saya share main page Casinopub

  109. Macam mana dapat free credit

    • share, then you have free point, collect 4000 point then you can change anything credit you want..

  110. Done share

  111. I have done share

  112. 已赞与分享

    • will check in 24 hours

      • 请问这一免费拿分项目。。还有多久就结束哦。。截止日期是几时。。

  113. I have share but wont receive the reward

    • please check your email of our reply why you cannot get it… we might cannot find you facebook nor your share

  114. done like&share

  115. 为什么我分享不到??

  116. done share utk minggu ni

  117. I have done share,please check for me..

  118. And i have done submit the claim point form

  119. Done

  120. when i can get my fb share point ?

  121. done share.. but didnt get my point.. can u please check for me?

  122. 领取奖励,我已赞与分享

    • 为何还没领取到free point

  123. Hello i already shared and wanna claim it

    • hi, please dont spam wall of this, we 100% check every share, thanks 🙂

  124. Share minggu ni setel boss

  125. Jangan lupa proses ya boss,,,nanti masuk minggu lain susah nak set masa

  126. Done share bos..

  127. Dah submit untuk fb share.. bila akan di proses ya

    • will process soon

      • Belum ada terima point tu tuan

  128. 剛剛收到email,怎樣clam我的分數?

    • 分数直接加到你的account 了,你可以点击”point” 查询

  129. tuan,, kenapa belum proses fb share bonus yang saya submit 2hb Feb..

  130. setel share untuk minggu ini dan 1st share untuk bulan ini..tq

  131. Hye time where i take??

  132. Bos,tolong check form FB share saya sent ya.. bulan ni nak collect point beli Lucky Number 2Win je..

    • now we will check on every monday…

      • saya dah buat new share post last week boss tak masukkan point..harap dapat proses point esok ye heheh

  133. i done share at fb just now, when i will get that points? because every points will given on monday.. that mean i will get it today?

  134. point tak ada lagi

    • you facebook address url is wrong, cannot fill email, need to fill

    • check you email or your point page

  135. im just summit form for claim bonus . plz check . tq

  136. done share

  137. Done share at fb..

  138. why share still no point in ?

    • we will process the share on every monday as stated in the deadpool page.. thanks …

    • you last share is on 17th… should be in already…

  139. How to claiam point already share

    • we cannot find your share in your wall, please share again next week monday

  140. raven. i dah share page. boleh claim tak points sekarang. nak bagi rewards cukup 4000..

  141. Raven….my points for this week already in ka?

  142. Raven i still didnt receive my share point

  143. sempat tak proses point hari ni? dah lama tak aply bonus ni,,sibuk


  145. Admin I’m don’t mean to spam I just keep getting an email for not sharing the post

    • because we cannot find your share in your facebook wall… you need to share publicly

  146. sir done share.. when I get my point

  147. baru siap share,,

  148. i alrdy done share and when i can get my reward point 😉

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      member post 也可以活 silver coin

  150. done share boss… pitam nak kasi clear points -4k lebih… huhuhu

  151. Done submit form

  152. Done boss

  153. Share done… Tq

  154. done

  155. Bos,saya punya point minggu ni belum masuk macam biasa.. hari ni dah selasa, biasa paling lewat hari isnin malam dah masuk

    • sorry, our staff off monday, they will check today…

  156. Helo new here…just want to know if im doing right or wrong for sharing fb step…in just finish share n submit form for claiming…tq..

  157. dah share tapi xdapat pon points..??

    • kami akan semak pada tiap tiap hari isnin .

  158. Minggu ni punya point belum masuk bos

    • rewarded

      • Masih belum masuk Raven.. kat history point pun takda penambahan point masuk


  160. Send ready

  161. I send this time not wrong

  162. Dh share .. btul ke x ye

    • betul, tapi kami belum check lagi dah dua minggu, kami develop auto reward point…. will reward you soon

  163. Boss saya da brape kali share point x masuk2 jugak ni..latest saya post 16 july boss..masih belum dapat jugak..

    • the facebook share will be stop for the point earnings because there is too much fake account, sorry for that .

      • So is it still available or not this sharing free points thingy? Don’t waste my time and effort ler if in the end yo gonna say sorry bla bla bla…

  164. Done share..

  165. boss cm mne claim point

    • you punya facebook tak boleh buka firdaus

  166. Done sharing. am I eligible for the free points there?

  167. Ok dah post..pastu mana i punya point?

  168. Done share

    • I have share at 2 account fb.can or not

  169. Done share to fb boss..
    Free point please!!!

    • did you share, your facebook username is ?

  170. Already shared on fb..

  171. im done.

  172. done share

  173. Bos, saya ada submit untuk free point share tapi belum masuk point,,boleh tolong check..

    • hi, we will check on everything begining of the month

  174. I already shared… curious to get the free point to claim free bet…please i hope i get it soonnnnn

    • you need to collect 4000 points minimum to get freebet… our deadpool share will only be rewarded everything beginning of the month. thanks

  175. Hi..saya xberapa fhm lgi sume ni..main click2 je..kalo nk claim mcmne

  176. Shared done

  177. Raven, already share yesterday and today. Still not accept a point..

    • we will check only begining of the month, you need to wait until nov

  178. This share is still can get a free point? I don’t want share a expired promo.. if still valid I want continuous share at my fb

  179. Claim free bonus,bile dpat

  180. I have shared but still have not received the point

    • we only check on the beginning of the month

  181. yeah…free cradit

  182. Ok admin done averything above

  183. Hallo can I get freebet..give me some chip first for play..

    • hi, you can try to earn point in our website, then you have enough point to redeem reward, then you will get free credit

  184. Username facebook: Rosdi Rajaiee Ady

  185. HELLO WHY Cannot REDEEM

  186. claim freebet

  187. Share done

  188. 免费分哪里会有容易拿的???

  189. 讨厌!!!

  190. Why i m not get my fb share 500 point

  191. more thing.ill just post a free point casino.until now…no point ill get.can u tell me

    • may i know where is your link… if might be not approve by admin, but i check again for you

  192. This dealpool share will be re-invent again since most of account look like fake.. we will update this event before CNY 2018.. thanks

  193. How to claim the point

  194. Please refer my share on facebook

  195. nice

  196. Done shate

    • *share

      i still not receive the point for this month. i already share & submit the form on 2nd March. please check it back 😉 thanks Admin.

  197. Done share for this month (April)

  198. Done share and submit.

    • deadpool share will be check on 7th – 9 th monthly…

  199. Done share

    • we will check on every month 7th

  200. Done share ..

  201. Done share for this month ( JUNE )
    thanks 🙂

  202. already share deadpool for claim..but no response from you

    • still on the way checking, too many user sharing… but please make sure you Facebook address is working and correct.

  203. done share where is my credit free

    • still on the way checking, too many user sharing… but please make sure you Facebook address is working and correct.

      • ofcouse its working . u can check it

      • sir until now there is no credit .. u give or no ?

  204. Done share.. How to claim free credit?

  205. Hi

  206. Done share.

  207. hi, your account is not looks like real sorry

  208. Shared and submit. How to claim free game

  209. Done share, bila i boleh claim point

  210. Done share post

  211. I’ve done share post n submit form..when can i get any feedback?

    • maybe your account is not qualify, number friend not showing or your is not correctly filled in,thanks

  212. Knpe sy share dah berbulan2 xdapat2 point.. sebelum2 ni dapat.. semua detail dah betul

  213. bosssku claim free

  214. Hi..may I know why I first time share to FB got 500 point……after few mths until today…I have submit form…but no point…..

    • may be your facebook account fill in wrongly or the account is not qualified, even first time we give you does not mean you will get it again and again if your account looks fake or you have share so many other casino staffs… and will not qualified as well

  215. 可是那的确是我的fb吖。。。。我也没必要说谎为了那500point…难道里面的照片都是假的?

    • our decision is final, so your facebook account is not qualified.

  216. 每share一次。。就会期待。。得不到已经够失望了。。还要说我的fake acct…..换了是你.。。拿个心出来期待。。结果却是。。。。

  217. Done share

  218. First Time Sharing, Done Share And Submit Form

    • rewarded 500 points already, please check

      • I stil not gettin my Deadpool Like n Share point for Nov n free credit 10 for new mber

  219. Done sharing..

  220. Done sher….

  221. First Time Sharing..Done Share And Submit Form..TQ

  222. Done share for November

  223. 20-nov-2018 ,, 5:28am done share and submit form

  224. done share.mcm mna nak claim??

  225. submit form done
    when can i get ?

    • we will check your facebook account first

      • hello sir,, why i’m not receive point from fb share for November 20, 2018, 5:28 am ?? when the point will be credit in my wallet ?

        • not yet check, dont worry, if your account is real then you will get it

  226. Hi..i done share

  227. done share

  228. can’t share ,link wrong

    • thanks for remind us, reward 100 points to you

  229. The sharing link are not working.
    When can it be done?

    • the facebook always get banned even we stop posting anything.. we will try not to use fb post, we are fixing it.. will let you guys update in a week

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