Blacklisted Online Casino Malaysia

Empire club scammer

  Company penipu… srh cuci bg alasan bank maintenance.. bos xde la.. last2 blok wassup… cuba dgn wassup lain pon dia blok… sy da trkena 3500 h...[Read More]

Free credit tipu customer

Scammer online casino

Be carefull with Google monster nickname . scammer will ask u to deposit rm20 and said will get rm50 …after deposit it will dissapear

Angka Jitu Togel Singapur 20/04/2018

Prediksi Togel Singapur 20 April 2018, Angka Jitu Togel Singapur 20/04/2018, Angka Main Togel Singapur 20.04.2018, Keluaran Togel Singapur 20-04-2018, Bocoran T...[Read More]

Dhia afina

Scammed on first Major

Dear all, I hope you have a great day. As someone who is a fan of slot game especially the old scr888 and currently 918kiss which I often play and find joy in I...[Read More] is very very scammer casino online please take note guys

online casino Malaysia penipu besar nk Withdraw xboleh tp bila nk deposit boleh. please jgn main dekat company ok


Scammer!!!!! Time nak cuci diam terus...whatsapp tidak reply.. GHGentingOnline penipu...


Beware of Winners Club. Penipu

This company very bad. I have lose a lot money at this company, just I won a major jackpot 2,060. They are straightaway blocking my Wechat.. that was happen 201...[Read More]


  1. This website refuse to process my withdrawal… says my account is under investigation….
    my winning is about 6k NOW… is a scam casino!!!

    • hi, there are many complain about online casino everyday, please provide solid proved that are scam…
      always remind that to play at our recommended online casino, thanks

    • “royalecity” 公司骗钱!起初我输了差不多10千左右现在赢回2钱多。。说我abnormal bet …过后就把我赢的钱forfiet掉。。他们公司只是准许顾客输钱,赢钱了就说我abnormal bet对我实在太不公平了。。。叫他么拿证据出来他的员工就一直copy and paste 同样的东西!大家不要再去royalecity 玩了,这间公司很不负责任!

      • abnormal bet 是违禁的,任何一家博彩公司查到都是血本无归的,致于你有没有abnormal bet, 没人能知道,所以劝你们到有实力的公司血拼,有实力的公司不会为了这小钱不给你。。。

        • 想请问一下,什么是abnormal betting? 是指什么? 谢谢

          • abnormal betting 是你可以用几台电脑电脑同时玩一个产品,用时间来赢钱。不止是这个,还有很多种方法。。

      • 是的,我也是遇到有些网页每次只会写同样的东西给顾客。要不然就直接不回复

        • 要小心 输了钱 二话不说就直接banned了我的acc. 连通话wechat也banned. 亏了10k 左右。连问的机会都没有。

          • 我也是提款一次5000在www.euwin.com他们直接冻结我户口联系不到他们,这间公司专门骗钱的

          • 还有一间www.asia9play.com也是一样,这间公司特别臭,连本金也要吃掉,asia9公司来的,他们时常换网址的,大家注意

      • 谢谢告知

      • hbet63 也是这样。

    • Yaya




  3. website tipu..menang greet blue RM2k tak nak bayar..siap blok lagi id di website..main di NEWTOWN

    • do you have screenshot?

    • juta8 is good, every withdrawal they process it never scam like other website

  4. U88 casino also scam not pay.. fuck

  5. Anybody can help.. i lost much then this u88 not pay fuck off..

  6. is a scam. Whatsapp 0133739949 they will not pay if you want to withdraw your money. They will say you are cheater.

  7., is real scammer… they take your 1st deposit… no contact support… careful

  8. 88winz casino sudah menang 360 WhatsApp terus block…..

    • ah…~~~~~

    • Ya sy pun sama..menang suruh cuci tp kena block..mcmana nak bt ye..

  9. Yes ada pihak tak bertanggungjawab dah menang tp x bayar kita pun..x de pihak yg boleh solve mslh menang tp takut nak bayar…tanpa sebab mmg x puas aty RMB EXPRESS TRADING.

  10. Bro Yong… bila bro kena? pernah juga saya main kat sana tapi sempat juga out beberapa kali lebih 1k,, tapi selamat je dapat duit.. dah lama tak main sana,,,maybe saya stop la main kalau dah start buat kes

    • Baru2 ni kena jackpot trus d blok group wechat.bukti semua da…call x jwb…kenangan betul

  11. block we chat n acc id casino when i win few k…suck online casino

    • so sad, hope you did not lose much on that

    • may i know did they told you that your account are under checking and ask you come back after 3 days ? As of now i got this issue. I doubt on that they gonna refuse to pay for my winning amount 1.6k+

  12. Cannot fund . Free play . Free deposit .

  13. Guys, please be aware on this site GENTING88 ( as recently i just unable to make my withdrawal done from the site for the amount 1.6k + as of the reason i got from the website is provider is checking on my suspicious bet. For your info i doubt on that they refuse to pay for my winning amount since when i ask on which provider but they reject to inform on it. I had personally check with the products provider which i bet on the site but none of the provider actually asking to check or suspend my account.

    Hence to old and new members of the sites think twice before you would like to have ur money on risk with this site. I will update again if i got my issue solve later on time since they keep mention the case will take 3-7 days to solve but just a friendly reminder, beware of this kind of website. Hopefully there is no other victim frm the end. TQ

    Additional info for my previous comment, my account is blocked under the website after i told them i had check it out personally with those provider that none of them suspend my account. This site will not paying your winning with different reason and then block ur account and banned ur IP address to reach their livechat.

    • I got the screenshot and prove of bet + livechat history here. Feel free to request it from me if u need so

      • Hai KS…have the screenshot/livechat history from g88?..can email me at

        • Hi there.

          I may email u the chat history but i just curious why u nid it? U r frm the board of G88 ? Tq


    • oh…. have to be careful

    • nirsa,selalu nampak u post n kata withdraw 1k++,macam senang menang …boleh ajar tak?heheh…

  15. KS ,, please let me know the status of your latest info.. My account so in blocking at Genting88

    • They had blocked my account and yet livechat unable to reach too..this company is a scam and I’m sorry to heard that you got the same bad experience like me.

    • same goes to me nirsa. they also blocked my account when i withdraw rm800.
      suck genting88.

      • Just curious why the site still able to operate..perhaps other still dont know about that they are a scam company.

  16. bahaye3..

  17. saya ada baki lagi rm300 di game yang tidak sempat transfer ke Main Wallet.. game tu dapat lagi login dan masih ada baki rm300.. sedih tengok,,kalau main pun tiba2 menang besar dengan rm300 tu tak dapat out juga..

    This two is lie website becareful
    This website refuse to process my withdrawal, they will keep promote their promotion
    but when winning they refuse to make the withdraw to my account and block my livechat, call but no answer.
    J3BET refuse to pay my withdrawal 1.8k
    PLAYTECH3 refuse to pay my withdrawal 3.6k

    • so bad i overlook this post

      • be careful of online casino… full of scam.. hope it helps

  19. royalecity88, weilbet and synncasino is same operator..once u submit withdraw they will review…if they think too high they block withdrawal…ma chow hai

  20. Kebanyakan company buka website yang banyak yang berlainan nama/pengurusan.. kadang2 bergantung pada nasib, kalau nasib baik kita punya withdraw ok je,,,orang lain yang kena..

    • jangan ikut nasib, perlu pilik yang 100% boleh withdraw…

  21. Another scam website
    refuse to pay the withdrawal RM2.5K
    Im scared all of these online website already, which website is not scam website please recommend to me

    • w88, w138, dafabet or other casino that listed in our website have never get complain before, any complain of the casino, we will take it down…

      • asia9club 起初可以withdraw….但是withdraw 几次过后就不给withdraw了,然后就会给我们一大堆理由了

        • 我的连理由都不给asia9,他们时常还网址的,我查到几个人也是一样提款不到,现在等待casinopub backlist他,几个介绍网站都backlist他了,asia9现在提款不到了,听说老板没有钱的,骗了钱要跑路的,现在很多人在找他

      • i can 100% guarantee DAFABET is a 100% TRUSTED SITE…

  22. Bos ? Ada satu lagi u perlu tambah. Senibet dan wang2u . Sekarang dia sudah tukar nama website . Saya kena tipu rm3100 main di senibet. Wang2u juga.

    • really?

    • Senibet tukar nama interwin sekarang. Tak pasti pasal tipu ke tk.. biasa yang tak buat withdraw pasal ip duplicate normal la coz pernah kena..kongsi internet member.. my fault tapi tetap sedih rm5000 dapat refund modal asal je

      • I tak claim free credit bos , deposit rm100 tak ada ambil promotion apa2 . main sampai 3100 nak cuci , dia reject . alasan dia register di lain main di laen. Rmai tahu ini website tipu. Sekarang dia sudah tukar nama interwin , saya sudah kena . u try main la baru u tahu.

  23. royalecity88, weilbet and synncasino is same operator..once u submit withdraw they will review…if they think too high they block withdrawal…ma chow hai

    • really? how you know same operator

    • Tipu lu bos. Saya sudah 2tahun main KT website ni. Tak pernah kena tipu .

      • keran u kalah banyak kat kasino ini. tu sebab dia ta tipu u dan bayar u kalau u menag kecil. cuba u menang besar suruh dia cuci…

  24. is a SCAM casino.
    Please don’t try to risk your money.

    They can simply block your account without any reason (for my case RM1500++ can’t withdraw now), banned you from livechat, whatsapp, messenger.

    Beware & hope to ALERT all players here. Please don’t play at :((((((

    • They don’t even answer my call too 🙁
      Trying to go to their facebook, they even blocked me from messenger, comments..
      Definitely will find ways to continue spreading the news.
      Don’t know who will be the next victim now, OMG 🙁

      • I’m From kingclub88. Can i have your username?

      • we need to have your username for checking

        • are u kingclub88 cs?i win 1k and submitted withdrawal ,den u straight the way block my account and nvr payout.u want my username for checking ?i gv u and go back check proply,my username is yayayip

        • Just saw this message when checking more information…

          Btw, my username is chloeh.
          Appreciate your feedback on this.


        • Do let me know your email if you wish to see more proof.

          I’ll be more than happy to provide.

          We just wanna to fight for the fair game.


          • so did he response and how ?

      • sir, can i have your username for checking?

  25. Saya pernah main kat kingclub88..tak dapat cuci rm5000, alasan ip address dulicate

    • sir, please provide your username and screenshot for proving your comments!

      • please check my withdrawal id W880000026, saya hanya terima rm100 deposit asal.. better jangan bagi bonus awal2 kalau ada duplicate ip address ke,, memang terkilan sebab tak tahu siapa yang kongsi internet wifi saya coz saya hanya open.. yang saya tahu jiran pun memang join internet saya, so takkan saya nak minta ganti rugi dengan dia,,mana saya tau apa dia buat dengan line internet saya.. setakat yang saya dengar dari member-member Kingclub memang trusted dan takda cheat,,kalau saya dapat hak saya tu memang saya confirm akan follow main..

        • kaim sudah terangkan kepada encik , sebab encik ada multiple claim welcome bonus so pihak kami sudah memulangi deposit RM100 tersebut kepada encik. T&C sudah nyatakan bahawa jika sesesiapa didapati mengunakan apa-apa cara untuk multiple claim bonus , kami menpunyai hak untuk deaktivekan account encik . So pihak kami sedah selesaikan case encik dengan cara yang adil , iaiytu memulangkan deposite encik kepada encik 🙂

          • No problem sir..maybe sebab withdraw besar je kan..kalau withdraw sikit2 atau kalah mesti tutup buku punya utk jaga customer.. banyak kes pun mcam ni, yg terbaik tolak bonus awal2 jika ada duplicate bukan tunggu player menang atau withdraw banyak sikit baru ikut term.. lagipun kc88 ramai customer,, walaupun saya tarik diri tak jejas pun iya tak.. selalu juga terpikir utk buat deposit lagi kat sana tapi kalau dah sial sekali lat sana buat apa lagi cari penyakit.. hanya luahan mangsa keadaan ja ni bos ya,, no problem punya..

          • .the most stupid reason is multiple accts under 1 IP address..just imagine if people using free public Wifi or using Proxy IP Software such as DNS Jumper for eg…the main reason why some ppl might using the software is b’coz :
            1. It can aid in accessing blocked websites
            2. It can improve security by changing to more secure DNS servers
            3. It can help keep your children safe by blocking inappropriate websites (e.g. adult material) by selecting a Family Safe DNS server.
            4. It can speed browsing by moving to a faster DNS server
            5. Changing DNS servers manually can be done, but DNS Jumper greatly simplifies the process

            .to me giving such reason like ‘multiple acct or multiple claim under 1 IP add” only to save their own ass from getting label as “NO MONEY HIGH AMBITION Co.”.

    • saya pun sama,sana promotion tulis deposit 1000kalau boleh win sampai 5000boleh withraw。masa saya withraw,dia terus tutup acc saya,alasan ialah saya ada masalah semasa main banker player!!ini kingclub88 company betul betul ialah makan duit company

  26. this is scam website i just deposit rm1000 claim the bonus rm777 after done turnover wan to make a withdrawal the account have block and the cs also block total lose rm1000 and my win bet is rm922 so total is rm1922 please take care this company

    • m777 is one of the casino listed in casinopub, please provide your proof then only we will unlist them..

      • how to send the proof for you? i just ask the cs why cant withdrawal they close my chat and block me again
        i have print screen it the chat today

        • send to us my contact

          • ok

          • so is this a genuine case of scam ? coz i play regularly in M77 and will stop if it is


      • 需要什么证据,我有拍下对话,内容跟提款数额。只是留言给时间查,但又不敢接电话,摆明是吃人钱的赌场。

    • i played in m777cash 2 days ago….i never deposit,but they called me n free rm20 bonus to me,they really paid me when i reached the turnover n ask for withdraw rm 200….i won rm200 with the free bonus,never deposit before…

    • 大家小心不要去M777CASH…朋友介绍去,第一次进赢了2726,直接BLOCKED户口。摆明是吃钱的公司。回信息给我写(你的帐号将游戏提供商进行盘查,一旦更新,我们会通知你,如果有任何,请通过我们的的电子邮件与我们联系,谢谢。)我马上拍下当时的对话和提款数额。打电话给他们全不敢接,我是真金白银去赌的。

  27. please dun play sgbet88 ,cheat money

    • Sg8bet this can play rtg slot

  28. U88club has not been paying my winning of 1 k and 1.5 k withdrawal still pending until now few months, further i still have balance credit at their maxbet account where they blocked my access.
    Livechat , wechat no response. almost 6 k gone…. stay away

    • this already been marked blacklisted casino

      • Saya start main online casino 2011 sampai skr. Saya juga kena banyak online casino tak bayar withdrawal , tapi kita player tak blh buat apa semasa online casino itu tak bayar kita menang w@ng itu.
        Tapi skr BANK NEGARA sdh ada bagi tau yang siapa ada kena tipu syarikat money game blh reports kepada BANK NEGARA syarikat money game bank acc itu, and BANK NEGARA after checking bank acc itu betul utk illegal transaction BANK NEGARA akan hold syarikat money game bank acc .
        So yang siapa kena tipu ,tak banyak withdrawal blh guna cara ini bagi online casino itu bank acc kena stop.

        • online casino have many account each month and those account is borrow (rent) from some one… so if you report, the innocent ppl kena tangkap… but the online casino just change the account…

          so the best way is to choose the trusted online casino…

          there are online casino have only 5 players daily and there are casinos that have 1000 player daily… please choose wisely…

          • Which online casinos are reputable? Gdwon333 ok?

          • better to play at our recommended online casino

    • u can complain at maxbet….maybe have helpful

  29. K777slot city win no money take
    Dun play
    I win 16k+thay no cash out for me

  30. Interwin tak ade masalah sya withdraw ok

  31. How about vwanbet ?
    Can trust ?

    • you try and see, after that let us know hahaha

  32. 你们king club真是骗人的!我是有进钱给你们!我赢钱!就说我开很多户口!什么ip一样。。。我们兄弟几个同住在一起当然一样!我输时我就没听你们说我很多户口?我第一次赢钱你们就这样。。。你们是存心这样做的!我当时还在livechat问你们。。。我说我不能注册。。。叫你们帮我注册!我把資料给你们。。你们说我注册过!我说可能我忘了有注册。。还叫你们把我注册过的username给我!我还问你们我能claim 100% bonus吗?你们还说可以的!为什么当时不跟我讲我有还多户口!那不叫存心。。。叫什么?我要你们打电话给我!你们又不打!我打给你们又不听!我真的吊你妈!这钱我当是白金包给你全家!

  33. kingclub 88是骗人的!存心先让我进deposit..过后,我赢钱!就说我有几个户口!为什么之前你不要跟我说我有几个户口?如果我输了。。你们没这样说!我只赢RM1400而已!kingclub88输不起是吗?叫你们打给我又不打,我打给你们又不听?真的还想吊你妈!别出来害人了!

    • 如果它们说你很多兄弟在一个家不可以玩,那试看看把本钱拿回,w88 及w138 是可以拿回本金。。。

      • 我打电话给他都不听!livechat也cut掉我!这还不是存心要骗钱的!老兄。。。我跟你讲!我真的很想吊他妈!总说ip一样又怎样?不是我们没进钱给他!我的名字不一样就好了!我之前不能注册,我很叫他帮我注册。他说我已经有户口了!真的我一时忘了注册过。。我还要跟他要我的username.之后我还问他我能claim100%bonus吗?他说能的!之后赢了!我withdraw 1400…他就说什么ip一样咯!之前他就知道了。。为什么当时不说呢?等我赢了才说!那不是骗我入他们的局。。你说对不对?

        • 明白,理解。。。那为什么你会deposit 这个网呢?

          • 是我哥说有这公司说他优惠不错!所以我才进的。。如果他不是骗我!他可以在这里回复我。。

          • 很多公司都是用优惠来吸引人,但你没有考虑到如果以中了jackpot,普通小公司能放款吗?

    • 对,我支持你说的,kingclub88这间是真正的老千公司来的。希望还有被这间公司骗过的人也出来投诉他们,不然只有更多的无辜者被害而已。那里promotion写进1000,只要你能够做到5000就可以withraw,结果我做到5000withraw时他们马上把我户口block掉然后说我玩banker player有点问题后wechat也把我block去,就这样无影无踪了??

    • 对,我支持你说的,kingclub88这间是真正的老千公司来的。希望还有被这间公司骗过的人也出来投诉他们,不然只有更多的无辜者被害而已。那里promotion写进1000,只要你能够做到5000就可以withraw,结果我做到5000withraw时他们马上把我户口block掉然后说我玩banker player有点问题后wechat也把我block去,就这样无影无踪了??

  34. Lubangking penipu

  35. bullbet and bossroom is same company they using porn star pic at livechat . i at bullbet deposit 570 claim 105% welcome bonus after want make withdrawal 2300 cant withdrawal. they say i m have another acct at bullbet and show me the id. i swear to god they id i dont who and never see. Is tactic no need pay to customer. i want ask more question at livechat they will close the chat and now my id at bullbet is cant open already. totally is scam

  36. royalecity88 also scam i at royalecity88 around 6month never make deposit over 500 and never make withdrawal over 500. just one time i make deposit 500 and claim 500 free 168. i play soccer game baccarat and roulette after i want make withdrawal 3050 also cant withdrawal. royalecity88 say i bet on both side. i at here when win over thousand is very hard want to make withdrawal. they will not to pay and say your are fraud at they company. before that i at royalecity88 make withdrawal is over 10 time but everytime is no over 500 is ok . see just one time over 3000 they will not to pay . they no care u want support again or not

  37. won668 i want withdrawal 1500 no pay me. and also say me bet on both side. now won668 is close no more this company. winner888 i lose two time 1st deposit 400 2nd deposit 350 3rd deposit 400 win over 1000 want make withdrawal is over 1 day in proceed. after i try go to livechat say i dont want my win amount i m borrow money with ah long please give me back my deposit is ok you take back my win. they say ok just only give back my 3rd time deposit 400 only the 3 minute only transfer to me. see what they done

  38. i see at fb comment have one customer discuss to gaming company talk about the bonus and turnover. so funny what they talk
    customer: boleh kurang turnover tak (deposit 300 relover 3000 )
    customer: kalau relover kurang 1000 saya buat deposit 300 sekarang
    staff: nanti saya tanya boss dulu
    staff: boss cakap kurang 500 relover 2500
    customer: susah nak manang slot game ni bagilah kurang 1000
    staff: saya tanya boss lagi
    staff: boss cakap ok tapi mesti deposit 300.
    see what are this company 100% menang tak boleh withdrawal kalau menang
    sekarang banyak RM10 pun tak boleh bayak kepada customer specially all promo at facebook tak ada sendiri ppunya web banyak pakai demo punya scr test play bagi customer main

  39. Sunguh teruk bisnes

  40. pun scammer casino also..bila menang bsar x kn byr..

  41. How to report a fb page one of not a human being agent cheat money customer???

    • just create an new topic in forum and send us image…

  42. today see this page, i just wanna tell all that last year july i play at, this company is a scam company, first few time i deposit 200, 300, 300 and 300 lose all, last time i deposit 350, and win over 1500 and reach the turnover cant withdraw, they block livechat and my account, wetchat no reply and call also no respone, be careful.

    then at december i play at, deposit first time 250 lose all, second time deposit 300 win 900 wanna withdraw, they say my betting got problem, i only play sportbook for england premier only, they say need to check few day, after 3 day they answer me say cant withdraw and block my ip and account, kencing website

  43. Guys, just take note, its scam company.
    Dont get cheat by its attractive bonus promotion, i deposit 1st time rm300 lose all, then deposit 2nd time 300 claim 300 ,
    when winning until RM3100, they will say please wait within 24 hours.
    the next day they will just suspend your account and block live chat.
    Believe or not, u all can try yourself, dont blame then.

  44. 9号那天。。我在deluxewin赢了一千块。。到现在还是拿不到钱。。我。。应该怎样

    • 应该不能怎样了,认命吧。。。请在我们的赞助的网页网,每天流水都有百万的网页玩,一千块不可能不给你

      • deluxewin…也是有得到list在你们的排行榜。。它的operator一直说在审刻中。。只有我的如此。。为何。。

      • 你们赞助的网页?是说w88和w138吗

    • 我在deluxewin赢了MYR1200都拿得到… 而且还只是进了MYR30 claim他们的welcome bonus

  45. Hi, i saw youguys rated as trusted online gaming site. But i have proof of their scam. Please read my blog
    -Ihave all the photos and whatsapp conversation….please be careful.

      those rate is from public, anyone can rate it…. but those are not our sponsor, just the listing for all online casino in Malaysia for you guys to choose from… but we are going to delete all the other online casino operator soon because those are not 100% guarantee

    • wah…special buka satu blog hanya utk bagitau spade2u tipu!!!???

      • you know how people angry about kena tipu… online casino is illegal in Malaysia, so player is not protected… who ever stand out to talk about the scam is the hero!!!

      • Patut nya di viral kan je..biar tutup company yg menang tu ada anak siap berangan nak bawak anak dia g jejalan kena tipu..i cant imagine how frustrated he is..kesian are stupid brainless scammer ive ever see

  46. tapi kalau kena tangkap gara2 tembak semua yang terlibat dalam Spade2u memang berbaloi la..100k bukan sikit,, duit brim pun sanggup tak tidur tunggu turn… memang company hanya berniaga tidak mau tanggung risk

    • i recently pun kena tipu spade2u. Deposit rm400 mau withdraw 650 pun dia nak makan. kali pertama main i menang 2k dia punya rep panggil saya dengan telepon kata ada masaalah dari casino inilah itulah tapi akhir nya juga bagi withdraw. Tapi kali kedua ini tidak bai withdraw. Rep dia itu nama peter teoh. Cibai punya orang.

      • Peter teoh, is a real name?

        • that’s what i remember the guy who called me. Want to cheat what for make the call as if i will accept his explanation for forfeiting all my money including capital. Definitely Peter but not sure about the surname. Now changed site name to or something like that and sending out attractive promo mails

  47. awal2 semasa company/website online beroperasi semuanya nampak ok,, layanan live chat pun sopan, masa deposit/withdraw pun cepat, tu semua utk menarik pelanggan supaya kena dikenali.. player kalah memang senyum hingga tak tidur fikir untung tapi bila Player menang besar plak terus tipu atau block.. better mana2 company yang babi penipu ni kalau tak mau tanggung risiko rugi kamu tulis syarat awal2 yg company kamu withdraw bawah rm50 je akan di bayar.. sekurangnya orang bleh bajet nak main besar

    • Betul tu bro..sokong menang roulette online bila mnx withdraw dia kata ok..deducted duit..pastu senyap..bayar pun x..blocked wassup bagai2..zz

      • website mana yg x bayar ?

  48. I’m the latest victim being scammed by this site ( for withdrawing RM405. The shit excuse they inform me was i being blacklisted by other casino for abnormal bet hence they reject my withdrawal and no single cents being return to me. I just doubt on which sites blacklisted me and gonn share it with the v1win site. This company just a scam site that WILL NOT PAYOUT WINNING while giving u different and funny excuse.

    • please be carefully on any un trusted website, check the website design first before play, play at our sponsored casino such as w88 and w138.. good luck, hope you have a big win next round

  49. Sorry for asking er is Scr888 online casino in malaysia one scam website? or the casino named crown something a scam website? Because my father want to bet on those website/apps and i got no clue what the right name its call he just said the 2 name i mentioned above so i just want to check properly if this 2 website/apps is a scam or not or anyone who had the past experience about this 2 website/apps? kindly reply asap

  50. Weilbet is cheapting company..i win 1772 they no pay then blocked my acct..shit tis company

  51. (VIP club casino 1313)
    All ppl dun play this online casino , because many ppl bank in money already , but oso no give ppl game ID , all reason is say sistem down , then will block ypur wechat , whatsapp and your phone

  52. on 1/28/17, i tried to play at When I want to withdrawal RM 3230 and RM 660, the livechat told me need 2 hour to check. After 2 hour has passed, they told me need another 24 hour to 48 hour for the withdraw process since I am new customer. After 48 hours is passed, they told me my betting style is suspicious so all the earning and credit will be forfeited.

    This casino is a real scam website. I have checked their facebook page and found out that another 2 users faced the same issues.

    Please beware guys

  53. 0183662518 hati2 ngan no hp ne…dia bt event free credit..dia ada 10 pages bt event like share kat facebook tuk tipu orang

  54. casinopub!!!!骗人!看看这个是谁写的 will deposit for you tomorrow… dont worry, today there is no runner to do that

    • Now is still chinese new year holiday and many our staff are not working yet…

      • U punya web ni takde costmer serv ke?

        • we are not online casino, so do not have “live” customer service

  55. 看看这个是谁写的 will deposit for you tomorrow… dont worry, today there is no runner to do that
    Raven Leong大老板回复我的信息结果已经三天四天五天的放鸽子!骗人。。。。。。。。。一个字(烂)

    • the dafabet free credit need 7 days to process stated in the terms and we try our best to process… but…

      We will ban all inpatient members. Thanks.
      我们将会block 所有没有耐性及在言语过分的会员,谢谢合作。

  56. scam website…dont play at this website

    • How they scam you? tell more

  57. the new scam…dafabet tipu bonus player

    • haha… how?

    • tak mungkin dafabet scam…website ni dah muncul sejak skurangkurangnya 5-6 tahun yg lalu….

  58. Izzit K138 Reliable Company ? Any feedback Admin

    • k138 is reliable, they are our sponsor

      • Yes, they reliable. They did transfer my 1st withdrawal after verified the IC. Nice platform as well. Thanks for your info.

      • can u ask k138 why they din allow 3 pictures game for deposit with bonus and also no rebate allowed for this game. I have played more than 20 sites that has Gameplay product and k138 is the only one that disallows 3 pictures

        • @dylangan – 3 pictures hav at gameplay, u just need to go to OTHER TAB MENU inside got 3 pictures game. Hope this help u mate.

          • Yes, i know its available in Gameplay but problem is the game is not allowed to use 1st time or even daily bonus. Its in the T&C. Don’t understand. The house advantage is the same as Baccarat, in fact even worse as both player and banker win half on 6 points.

      • Yes ofcourse! K138 is reliable betting site! Very supportive customer service, fast & easy money deposit/withdrawal. Beside that site providing more games than others betting site.

  59. Hati2 dengan compny livebonus. Xde safety lansung. Number orang lain boleh withdrawal dari pengguna yang didaftarkn dgn number lain. Janji id pengguna tu betul. Boleh ke costumer serv ckap mcam tu?

  60. anybody receive they CNY promotion gold bar 999 carefully may b is fake gold better open and look

  61. cssbet also scam….bewarre of this deposit pun tipu

  62. Vvipclub04 pun penipu saya baru je deposit
    Lepas tu dia bagi id n password
    Id n password tu salah n tak bleh login langsung

  63. 我有新的老千公司要怎样post 上去

  64. Any1 here have play at I join yesterday deposits to try their 100%welcome bonus deposits 30 free 30 roll 3x =180. I play in master roll more than 500. And my balance 337. I make withdraw they hold my withdraw say their Ibc kiosk system having technical issue unable to make any withdraw now. After my few.time complaint .the CS say my withdraw will payout tomorrow midnight. Today is 2nd day I still not received my withdraw. Check with CS again he said their system is still.not available..and also he only worker in my7club he have no power to do anything now..have to wait their manager come only can.solved the problem.but dunno when he coming…..for those who want to play at this company careful not to be another victim….

    .How to upload screen shot here ???

    • After complain many time and a few fren contact them to check .They have payout my withdraw. But I will.nv go back this company ..feel unsafe..

  65. OMG!!! Then witch we should trust then??? Ermmmm any idea?

    • please check on our recommended online casino in home page

      • But I only can see 4 casinos ? Only this 4 casinos can be trusted ? Please provide the link for whole list of trusted casinos. Tq

        • yes, only 4 casino, and there are many casino out there,,, almost 100++ but we have take it down already since many member have suffer some withdrawal problem… you can check this page, but we have hide it from menu already

  66. hi I recently think I been scam also. The website is Now they mention still under investigation of account but the already closed by chat. My winnings actually not much and most is my money and yet they unable let me withdraw. Been a few days and they yet to reply. How to paste my proof. Please advice.

    If they returned my money I will withdraw this post.

    • please only post only when they truly block you, thanks

      • Hi Raven,

        They have already suspended my account which they claimed pending investigation. They even close the chat line on my IP. Phone no. 03-92122111 can’t even called. I tried email them, wechat them, skype them also no response.

        Basically my account is dormant. Can’t withdraw, can’t play, can’t transfer, can’t do anything. So far previous withdrawal below RM 1,000 without issue but recently I have bank in total RM 1600 (200, 400 and 1000) and I won abit with account balance 1900.20. I tried to withdraw all but was given rejected message. After tried few times. They mentioned account blocked for investigation. Till now no response from them.

  67. is scam

  68. LUCKY WIN , wechat id : luckywin_23 , whataspp : 0143224334 这间也是骗人的,连200块也不出钱,没见过这么低劣的网站!他们的银行户口名是DANIEL BRANDO SABINUS

  69. oh

  70. Empiree777 ni company scam menang 2k++ tak boleh buat withdraw klau nak withdraw 2k kena deposit 2k dulu pas tu kena pas turnover lagi.klau tak nak buat withdraw saya direct deposit credit sya forfeit semua hanya tingal balance yang saya deposit apa punya company shit

  71. BEWARE of

    After winning RM250, i send withdrawal request to widhrawal, but long time no respon.
    so, i contact thru live chat, but they block my id at live chat & website.
    after that block me at whatsapp , then they locked gaming is on scr888

    Scammer company ! only RM950 got no money to pay !!
    Shame of those online casino website recently!

  73. Scam company

    I deposit and claim bonus yesterday. After playing won $1000 and submit withdrawal request. Wait a few hours withdrawal not processed. Contact live chat, they said need to check with provider my betting and will let me know. Later at night, I check and my withdrawal rejected. I ask live chat and they say withdrawal rejected because still need to turnover 1600. So I play some more and won. I then submitted my withdrawal request for $2500 and inform live chat. Live chat said need to check with provider again. Not suprisingly, no money received. I contacted live chat again this afternoon and they informed me abnormal betting and all winnings and my account suspended. I actually pity the people behind If no money, work or do business honestly. Scamming people like this will only bring them bad karma. Anyway, warning to everyone and the owners of can keep the money as a pity donation. P.S. I have screenshots of my transactions and all live chat conversations 🙂

  74. is a SCAM

    u guys have to beware of this website because it never allow you to make second withdrawal. Even small winnings ( around 2000 ) they wont let you withdraw. At first it was ok betting at this site, i made my 1st withdrawal and it was ok. But when i wanna make a second withdrawal, they make your account inactive where u cant login. I asked the customer service what happened, she said it was management’s decision, said my account has suspicious behaviour! What kind of reason is that???? Just because i wanna make second withdrawal, they just think of something very weird reason which i never encounter before. I was very disappointed and kept argue with her, at the end she just saying the same thing, said my account has suspicious behaviour, and they only return the deposit to me, and forfeited all the winnings!!! Although it is only 2000, but i really felt upset, and thinking if u cant afford such a small winnings, why not just close ur website?? so u guys please careful and dont make any deposit to this site:

  75. please help me take action look with this agent from company tel:0169985557&0138883337/0102733926 because they keep give me unreasonable excuse said master need check and wait and will updated me. Then i feel that someting was not right why need to wait and already 4 days i still can withdraw my money back!

  76. Please beware of this website
    please share out this scam company, admin please listed this company as blacklisted company so that no other player will get scam again on their website. i have the prove what they said and lastly they refuse to withdraw for me and directly block me.

    i register and contact through their wechat. i play scr888 and when i want to withdraw rm1900 they gave reason that scr888 company had freeze their agent account because they withdraw too much for their customer on that few days.
    they said wait for 2days the scr888 company will unfreeze their agent account, so after 2days they will proceed my withdrawal.
    after 2 days i contacted their wechat and asked bout my withdrawal and they directly block me. admin please help me share this out and let all the player out there beware of this scam company. thank you

    Company penipu xbayar bile nk cuci

    • berapa bro cuci? saya dari awal main banyak kalah situ,,macam diorang setting je id,, masuk ribu2 pun belum pernah out,, dan tak masuk akal bila setiap kali topup dapat 100% bonus

  78. any reviews on ? is it reliable?

    • i dont know, try and see and tell us..

      • i play this site very often. No problem with withdrawals etc. Maybe becos in record i am still a net loser and seldom withdraw large amount. One plus point about this site is the daily rebate which is credited daily on the next day.

    • this website not good. Blocking people account without reason

      • blocking means what ? Did they also stop you from withdrawing before blocking ?

    • highly not recommend….

  79. hello mr reven
    today 19 may 2017 i was play playtech slot at MAXBET12… I was win RM2000++… When I want to check turnover first time they check my turnover, After that when i was get RM2000++ I want to check the turnover for the second time, they tell me my account has been block for investigate… Same like the not pay may winning money.. I was screen shot everything about my account… can u help me???
    Please Call Me Back

    • First… we are so sorry that you encouter this problem, we canot do anything for taking back your wining or your capital, we are always urge that to deposit at the trusted online casino by CasinoPub… because there is no way to track them… but only the way you can post the blacklisted online casino to warn others … thanks

  80. RICH GAMING是骗人公司!大家要小心!它wechat是RICH GAMAING996

    WASSAP NO: 014-7456361 / 0173395790


  82. nak tanya 7luck88 selamat kah
    casino ini?

    • ask we check, there is no blacklisted of 7luck88 so fair in our blasklisted post and forum.

  83. ali88club lucky drow tipu use saya sam4628 result sam#### tapi bukan saya

    • Mungkin result dia tu winner user SAMSUNG haha.. macam2 taktik utk tipu player.. result lucky draw kadang2 nama/id tak wujud pun.. yang tak pernah tunjuk result winner list lagi la banyak tipu

  84. UBE88.COM SCAMMER WEBSITE. I win 7100 and they refuse to pay with usual excuse abnormal bet. If player win abnormal bet but if player lose it is normal. If no money go find a job. Don’t open online website to scam people. Pitiful. P.S. I have screenshots of everything

  85. i just had a bad experience with which i thought all along to be safe and reliable. Due to their own system problem in extracting the correct turnover, they have paid me half of my entitled weekly rebates. I had even painfully print screen every pages of my betting history from start till end to prove to them that my actual turnover is actually higher than the one they allegedly claim to be the correct and final figure. On top of that, i even pointed out to them their turnover figure cannot be correct as it wasn’t even near enough for me to make withdrawal as per the T&C of the 100% special promotion bonus so how could they have approved my withdrawal in the first place. Bottom-line is the customer service just want to bulldoze through their decision saying theirs is the final figure despite all the factual proof that i have provided. I will not go back to play at this site anymore. There are many more sites that i am playing which has excellent service. I have encountered similar problem with one of my regular site before and they are so concerned about the problem and quickly resolved it and return me the correct amount. Their VIP manager even personally wrote to apologise for the inconvenience. This is true customer service.

    • this comment it seems like you want to advertise your bullbet.. haha…

      • I am not from bullbet, just their customer. just want to make an honest comparison of 2 different customer service approach faced with the same situation. If they lose business because of bad customer service, it’s their own doing. Maybe S188 is so darn big and don’t need chicken feed business from me. Maybe you re linked to S188 lol.

        • because we were replying you such a comment and you think we link to S188? we are just tell the truth that your first comments will lead to many reader misunderstanding you are advertising bullbet with such a pharagraph but not the purpose of speak out blacklisting company.

          • this forum as i can see from some of the past postings is about blacklisting as well as sharing sites that we feel can be trusted based on our personal experience. Bad we share, good also we share mah. Anyway, just saw another scam from S188 just posted into this forum. Don’t know how many more to come.


    rasanya mmg playtech3 konfirm scam 🙁

  87. confirm scammer..boleh PM sy di whatsapp 012 4669669..jika nak screens shot deposit dan bukti lain.yg pnting geng smua jgn main di sana..unless nak bg derma kat org yg kesian tu..hihi..kesian..kalau mntk baik2 pn org boleh bgi..

  88. 我最近看到google qclub88 的google 广告觉得优惠不错然后决定去玩。

    网址: +60162551936

    之前玩过几次出款都没问题。但是6/6/17, 1239pm我 进了RM 834, 打完流水RM1950 要洗出来。一个小时后, 钱还没
    收到问customer service, customer service 说5pm 过后再去查。一千多块要几个小时我觉得已经不妥
    但是我还是等到5pm过后再问他customer service.

    最荒谬的事情发生了,6/6/17,11pm 过后直接就reject withdrawal。我就联系livechat 问原因,那个customer
    service 通过我的livechat ip 知道是我本人直接不理睬我,我打了很长的message他一句都没回我。通过其他电脑/ip
    以其他顾客身份问customer service, 他就回你,知道是本人后直接不理你。

    我玩过很多次被黑的理由听过很多什么ip crash,suspicious bet, provider checking, boss not yet approve都听过,
    就是“当你透明”这一招没试过。我 account 和whatapps 也没被block, 就是看了你讯息不回你,一句也没回。

    我打算再等多一天,今天 早上(7/6/17) 再submit withdrawal request, 到现在还是pending. 同样的联系livechat
    和whatapps 看到你讯息没回你,一句也没有。用另外一个身份问他说要进钱,立刻就回你了。 拖到现在钱没收到,

  89. i just joining, any comment for this company?

    • the promotions look quite attractive. If you have started playing with them, please give us your feedback especially any problem with the withdrawals.

      • ok. sure.

      • Hi dylangan i was register with their company withdrawal are no problem. u can try for this . Good luck to you.

  90. Hi,fyi im just inquiry about deposit rm300 free tablet. Unfortunately the tablet is china set, however its free and turnover x 15 not a big difficult so its fine for me.

    • Hi gogowin, i saw they have new promotion For Lenovo Tab. u can call them and ask

  91. Warning to everyone. Do not ever bet with jcbet77. Absolute cheating company!!!

  92. Warning to everyone. Do not ever bet with jcbet77. Absolute cheating company!!! When i withdraw, they block my website account and game account and don’t reply to my livechat

    • Pls give proof bro.

    • Bro…kindly submit to blacklist post with proof instead…at least it will warn other member not to play there anymore…rather than verbally warn without any proof. I rather think some member might be the insider from that particular website and flaming other website instead. I do agree with qw00 to provide proof 1st although i never play at this website before but at least i will think twice to play at this website after your initial warning with proof.

  93. 问需要几天的检查,说不知,到时会联络,这样摆明是拖,冻过水,还说是间可靠的赌场。之前ACCOUNT 和LIVE CHAT 直接BLOCKED,打电话才开回LIVE CHAT,但是现在连电话都封,一打就断,拿另一台电话打也不敢接电话,起码也应该让我知道几时有结果。

  94. hi Raven…i face a scam website that i got many screenshoot and proof of scam website… how can i provide you to let them become blacklisted?

    • hi, you can just sbumit directly to the member post > blacklisted post..

      • how to put more photos of screenshoot, i try just now but just can put 1 photo only

  95. People…be ware of, lose they take, win also they take, able to withdrawed few time in small amount, when u keep winning their money, they will stop withdraw the money for u….no matter how u message them…they act like nothing…is NOTHING!!!…I swear I bet in legal way and no double or triple accounts. Pls withdraw your money if u still in there. If u need more info…I have all the evidence. Tq

  96. people… please beware of as well..

    Win more than RM2k then they take….

    Please withdraw all money and don;t play with scammer agent

    this the website..

  97. So sad my . . Lie company scr888 agent . . Not pay my win

  98. big company mba66 is scam….win no withdraw…rollover reject….. is totally shame with this company!
    all gamble beware!

  99. company menipu la.. dah lama main sama ni company tp tiba2 beberapa hari lepas suruh cuci senyap ja..xda respond.. wasap, wechat pun kena block.. selalu feedback ok tp sekarang feedback teruk dr ni company.. apa yg perlu dibuat ye..kredit dlm tu ada lebih kurang RM3K..


  100. / bullbet8 is a scam company. please be careful , i just lost Rm 2800 1 hour ago. first of all i hit turnover request withdrawal. and after i went offline go dinner, come back and check my bank realized that they not yet withdraw for me. and then i login his website and my id been blocked. customer service said that their fraud detection tool detected i fraud. after that they said another reason that i have two id. and ended up ignored my message.

    • Dear Users

      Yes we have banned Athena68’s account.

      Reasons to why we have banned his account :
      1. Abuse of Bonus Claimed
      2. 2 accounts under 1 ip address (within 24 hours)

      This image shows the bonus abused by Athena68

      This image shows the bonus abused by the other account which logged in together with Athena68

      This image shows the player have 2 accounts logging in within 24hours.

      Under Terms and Conditions – Point 8

      Athena68, should you wish to contest with this, you may contact us at our LiveChat. You will be forwarded directly to our Manager within 10am – 6pm.

      Please remember we do not condone 2 accounts within a same household / IP / computer.

      Yours sincerely,

      • Dear Bullbet,

        First of all i really do not want to or i really do not understand that you said i do have two account which is registered at the same time(within 24 hours), and c’mon to be honest i do have one and only one id in your website, abused your bonus claimed? how ? after few time withdrawal then you tell me i have two id? not during the time when i was deposit , or either after several deposit but when i request withdrawal? and please la c’mon , your T&C clearly said cant have multiple id, you think if i want to cheat your company i will make this stupid mistake?, common sense la bro.


        • Athena, yes our system only flagged your account after multiple withdrawals.

          But it does not change the fact that you have multiple IPs registered in our system. There are many people taking advantage of online casinos nowadays and we have to protect ourselves too.

          Like we’ve posted in the other thread, your IP clashed with another user within a day a part. That’s no coincidence that you were abusing the system.

          Also, we’ve asked you to contact us on Livechat previously from 10 – 6pm. Yet you’ve failed to do so.

          We sincerely hope that this doesn’t happen again the future.

          Yours sincerely,

  101. Sekarang itu game banyak tipu orang…bgus lah kna block!!!

    CHEATING COMPANY!!! Not paying player! Rude staff! [I HAVE PROOF]
    still not pay me RM200 , not a big amount but if small amount cannot pay… how bout big amount? ?


    unable to make my withdrawal done from the site for the amount RM200 with no reason. They just ignored me and sent a rude voice msg to me.

  104. I just registered at
    may i know this company trustable because the welcome bonus they giving are attractive.
    pls give some feedback to me.

  105. MBSBET can’t lose to player and the bonus claim what player playing win can’t withdrawal the money

  106. Don’t play with they just fucked and poor company.. 1st withdrawal okay. 150.. 2nd withdrawal tiba2 kata kena rolling 3x dari amount withdrawal. So mean kena bet rolling sampai 450 la kan. Okay lagi. Lepas tu menang sampai 2.6k main lagi jatuh sampai 2k. Boleh dia kata rolling xcukup lagi. Bodo punya company.. last2 blocked whatsapp, website chat Suma. Bangang punya tokey cina miskin..

  107. Hi All,

    Does anyone experience a supporter/agent telling your withdrawal request will take around 72 hours for the verification process before? I’ve made a withdrawal request on Friday 10 pm.They telling me another related department will do the verification process within 24 hours in working day. Is it a scam?
    FYI – I withdraw SGD10k

  108. Anyone played at before, how is it ? Trustable or not?

    • not play before, try our sponsor website better since all the game is same

  109. Hello

  110. VESGA 996 CLUB


  111. All players at this forum becareful of this website Scam website
    All players I deposit to this website I got 2 username the website know about this still give me deposit many time
    When I win they must story to say I open multi account breached company policy why at first they still accept my deposit so many time end up when I win they do this
    All players at here help to share around this website scam

  112. saya kena tipu dgn LOBANG KING CASINO..!! company penyangak, xnak bayar wang sya menang RM 6800… mmg kna viral… akaun maybank SYARIKAT L. K MAJU… sial

  113. Not bad of gamble


    dont go, badlist company, win never cash out, direct block account, whap apps and wetchat

  115. Ramai sangat dah KAKI TIPU…Jadi Berhati hatilah

  116. Hati2 dengan kaki kencing yg kononnya ada kasi free credit and bonus smpai 110% ..last2 bila kita bank in terus dia block kita…memang sial org mcam ni…salah satu company yg kencing LUCKY RED CASINO…

  117. Krdit free RM5

  118. Beware of other promotions to be an agent with less price to buy coin like rm150 for 1000 point that bullshit

  119. susah skrg mahu cari compny yg betul2 trusted & stabil..balik kembali kpd yg asal..

  120. how to post blacklisted casino?

  121. 👎

  122. scam

  123. 我也被骗了5万多。刚开始赢一两千,他三分钟就过帐给你,可是这一次我是玩newton 的buffalo. 我赢了5万多。他起先是说要两天时间过帐,可是到今天已经两个星期了,他一分钱也没还我,我的户口也被他锁了,客服也没回应了。希望大家要小心这间公司。。

  124. Saya register dengan royale888 or sekarang guna website beberapa hari lepas saya menang… semalam pihak ro8vip telah membeku kan akaun saya atas alasan terima arahan daripada upline scr888.. saya masih mempuyai baki wang rm2900 dalam akaun wallet ro8vip berkenaan.. tuan, apa yang harus saya lakukan agar wang saya tidak ditipu..

  125. Info yg brguna.. Terima kasih

  126. Easybet88 penipu

  127. yesterday
    i dengah fren i say bullbet88 no pay out money about rm17k++++

  128. so sad, please play at our sponsor casino, have not been scam anyone before

  129. bos

  130. 大家小心这间公司我玩newtown老虎机赢了五万多,本来他们说一两天就会过帐给我,我等到现在是一个多月了,一毛钱都没收到,现在户口也被他们block了。真他妈的狗种啊。。。

  131. 要小心,太多骗子了

  132. 918kiss crow333 not trust company

  133. online game spinner clud is fucking fake sohai

  134. always alert for scammer..

  135. website penipu.tipu bonus weekly.sdh menang Scr tak di cuci.bilang ada game yang tak boleh main.acc Namber semua atas company nama.rm380 saja pun nak tipu.sdh aku lapor sama pegawai bukit aman.sdh hantar gambar sama details.

  136. I88CASINO.COM not trusted website. they didnt pay me 3400. i have all proof. chatting alaso they closed and banned me

  137. Beware when claiming promotion with 12play, they rejected my withdrawal because they claim I play casino Holdem. On their website it only says that the games will not be considered under the turnover requirement but they make me do the turnover again from the beginning… pls be careful!

  138. Full house188 casino tipu punya jangan perjaya

  139. Full house188 casino tipu punya jangan perjaya
    Menang tak bayar


    Beware.. help to alert other members about this.
    This casino cheated me of RM2150.00 refused to pay me.
    Reason given is that i bet against other casino to “cari makan”!!
    Dont bet at this site. Its the same same casino.

    • oh my god

      • Ffr those playing at these 2 sites Bullbets and Bolehgaming that are owned by the same operator take note that these 2 companies has refused to pay me my weekly rebates from previous week play amounting to roughly 140k turnover equivalent to about RM 1,000. When I asked why, they claimed that they are waiting for the provider to provide accurate turnover and will settle once they have reverted. This goes on for a week of which I kept checking with them everyday. They promised it will be settled by today but when I check the customer service today their reply was the management has finalised the issue and if I don’t received the turnover it means I did not have enough turnover for rebate of more RM8. What the fark, I am their VIP player at the highest level and has registered more than 2 million turnover over the last few months and has benefit of direct contact with 2 of their managers on call 24hrs. These 2 managers have since cannot be contacted anymore and all my communications were with the customer service agent. I don’t know for what fark they turn away customer like me with this scam considering amount involved was only about RM1,000. If you all wish to continue playing here, play at your own risk. I believe the company is undergoing serious problem and sooner or later another of you will be scammed for no reason. As for my lost rebate, consider an experience and also WHITE GOLD to the boss and I hope to warn all other online player of these 2 scamming sites in this forum

        • Dear Sir;

          Thank you for your message. We acknowledge that we were having issues with the providers with regards to checking turnover. Which was why our rebate payments were delayed. This is because we always strive to provide the most accurate payment of rebates to our customers and do not want to shortchange them. Once the issue with the providers have been resolved, we have already paid out the rebates to all of our customers. If you feel that you are still having issues with this, please could you drop us an email at with your username, contact number and ongoing issue, and we will investigate this further.

          We hope to provide users with the best experience while playing with us. We apologise for any delays due to technical issues on the providers end. But it is essential that we are able to calculate your exact turnover before paying out any rebates.

          We look forward to hearing from you

          Kind regards

          BolehGaming Team

          • The problem is not about issue of turnover accuracy. It was about how your site handle your customers. firstly I no longer has any access to both Bullbet ( Chris ) and Bolehgaming ( David )manager which I had previously because of my vip status. Probably you have sacked both of them coz they no longer take my call or reply my sms. All my follow up were thru your CS. Everytime when I ask about the status its either long silence with no reply or occasionally “I will check with management “then silence again until after 1 week of my persistence check finally came the reply that our management has assured that it will be settled tomorrow. OK fine waited another day and next day check again and this time the reply was “Management says if you don’t get your rebate it means you have not achieved the minimum requirement of RM8 !!! My gross turnover was RM 100k plus for the week and this is the reply I received,WTF. Then I stopped checking for few days and it finally got credited. That was about 2 weeks after it was due. I would not believe that Gameplay is so inefficient as to not able to resolve such a simple issue for 2 weeks. Then what about my Bullbets rebate ? Until today 3 weeks already its still not credited yet ? Maybe you should keep it as your white gold ok.

  141. Empire club pon scammer punya company… akaun bank ats nama Eng Poh Seng… dgn no telepon 0176114866… sy trkena mau cuci 3500. Trs dia bg alasan maintenance… bos xde g bnk.. last2 blok.. hati2 smua

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