Birthday Free Cards

Get your Birthday Gift. 我们给您的生日礼物

Please claim your birthday gift not more than 7 days of your birthday date.

Choose One your Birthday Gift

Spiderman Win! = 200 pieces

Captain America = 80 pieces

Wolvorine Scratches = 500 pieces

The Hulk Smash = 40 pieces

Dr Strange = 100 pieces (please make sure you deposit w138 before only choose to get this cards that sponsor by W138, or they will not give you RM 888 if you win, thanks)

You can hide some info of your ic as or send full to us for verification. Thanks

Show us your facebook and we will check is there anyone wish you for the birthday

Maximum size 10MB, Please upload your I/C to prove your birthday.


  1. wow!!!

  2. alrdy sent the request,when will i get it?

    • rewarded

      • Tak dapat claim lahi

      • ive sent form just now how can i know if i received?

        • go to that hulk page, you will see that is a play button, but now we are in migration, please wait, to move to a good and faster server

      • I also ask for birthday bonus long time to now never have what email for me now pass my birthday already how can i get agian

        • while checking there is no email sent in, please try to send again, thanks

    • 我今天刚加入的,怎样有积分

    • Haii sayng

  3. 这是怎么领取的

    • 你生日就可以得到了

      • 可是我生日在7月哦

        • 7月的时候回来claim 就可以了,这个是永久性promotion, 记得一星期里面要claim , 不然就没有了

          • Xpaham lagi ni.

          • we give you scratch card for free…

          • I wan claim free credit rm10 this my id:Jd858585

          • 请问20号生日的现在可以claim 了吗?怎样claim?

          • 还不可以

  4. Tanks you ????

  5. done

    • hi, i cannot successfuly check your facebook birthday, what is your birthday?

      • 13 january 1980

        • ok, got it, rewarded, please check on wolverine page, there is extra 500 card for you to scratch.. but remember, you will get all lose card first, then the rest will be the winning card at the end..

  6. Raven,我的生日是在8/1,可以申请吗

    • 已经给你了,你在captian ameria 就会看到很多张了

      • thanks,Raven..常给我惊喜。。

        • 我们在研究要更多 Earn Point 的方法

  7. Hye.. I already receive email ive rewarded.. How i wanna use it?

    • you just go to the scratch card, then the number will show in the corner of “buy” button

  8. nice

  9. my bday on1st Jan. .cani claim?

    • can, show me the proof, we give you the chance

      • yes。how to send u pic

        • over there can upload photo

      • done sending request with my driving license

        • given to you already, please check on the scratch card page

  10. haii

    • anything i can help you?

  11. Bos bila start fantastic4 share ?

    • we still doubt of dealpool share is same with fantastic 4, so we need to plan first… if not, our moderator will so busy to check

  12. 如果我3月生日现在申请吗?

    • 不是,而是当天或过后的7天里

  13. hi

    • please fill in the form and you will get it, but the page cannot proof that you is your birthday.. please fill in the form and show your ic first 6 digit

  14. I already make my facebook birthday to public ?

    • nobody wish you?

      • im not active much on facebook so i been ghost ..

        • then u have to upload your ic

          • My Ic Have Stolen .. Sorry sir

          • then cannot claim already, you need show us your facebook have few people wish you then we will award you

  15. saya baru submit utk birhtday free scratch bos.. tolong check ya

  16. My birthday hv pass at Christmas Eve do I have

    • you need to wait one year lol

  17. saya terima email “card given, thanks” tapi tak dapat gores sebab limit daily dah lebih.. sebelum tu memang saya dah beli guna point dan gores 10pc. so bila boleh guna yang free scrath?

    • check tomorrow should be fine

      • Ok boss,,saya tunggu ya.. harap2 awal dapat nanti habis lagi point orang dapat hehe

  18. I have done request this birthday,but until now i don,t get any response,please check for me?

    • we have reply you, some problem of your fb account..

      • I have done upload my ic

        • spiderman card given, please check the card page, if you have scratch the limit today, then please wait after tonight 12am…

  19. belum dapat lagi ni boss

    • need to wait till after 12am

  20. Happy birthay day big bonus

  21. 我是新手想问free cards有什么用

    • 你研究研究一下。。。
      you collect point can redeem Free fredit…
      you can use your point to scratch the card to get more point
      the point you have to buy, but we give you free cards..

  22. 我刚申请好,我是27号生日。想问,这些可以用些什么

    • you need to apply on or after your birthday

  23. Done apply.. My birthday 25 january 1994.. Please check admin…

  24. may i know at where can know rewarded ??

    • you go to the page that you want to scratch, then will show the number available for scratch that did not use the point

  25. Hi admin,
    My user id patrick198, I would like to claim my birthday bonus. I have bent sent all the info to u already. Pls check with thanks!

    • rewarded

      • How can I check my reward scratch card?

        • straight away go to scratch the card, you can see there is number of cards show there that you can scratch

  26. done submit form, pls check

    • rewarded, please go spiderman page to scratch, but all the lose card will be scratch first, then only win card will come later

  27. T.T
    why tis event is started after my brithday….
    im dec 23……. still need wait almost 1year ah

  28. how to claim ?

    • upload you ic…just need the birthday and name part

  29. Em… My birthday already past
    Month of OCT

    • ok, just need to wait till oct 2017..haha

  30. Yesterday is my birthday already fill up form and send

  31. Can I claim my birthday reward now or tomorrow?

    • you can claim on the day or 7 days after your birthday

  32. i just send birthday free card, pls check tq

  33. i already fill the form… how do i know that i got it.. 1/4/1991

  34. How do I know if the birthday free cards have been release? I had submitted twice, still awaiting for respond

  35. how do i know i get the prize i claim?

    • just go to the scratch card page, you will see you can free scratch the number of card, just scratch it

  36. sudah submit birtday xde pon..tolong cek ye

    • the hulk is finish, so we cannot process yet

      • boleh tukar di captain america..

        • captain hanya 66 keping sekarang, tak cukup 80 keping…

          • ok la..kena tunggu la ni..

          • haloo..raven , itu hari suah habis .sy ade claim xdapat lg
            sampai sekarang.

          • rewarded, please check

  37. I photo 2tme can??

  38. So sad…my birthday is begining of this month…is over, forgot claim birthday gift card

  39. raven, i submit but why tak dapat lg?

    • reward you already, please go to the hulk page to scratch

      • raven , no lah , ada 1 free card only, but when i scratch just blank 🙁

  40. hye , i have sent my request : )
    its my birthday today

  41. WHY

  42. Get free card for besday,thanks all,kuat waiting for submit kad know..

  43. my birthday 31.05..but need ic…

    • if, you have a really real facebook where people really wish you…

  44. How to claim my bfday?

  45. i sdh apply this birthday card…but no answer…how?

    • hi, anda perlu upload ic baru boleh dapat

  46. Hi… I nk claim birthday gift. Dh submit application…

  47. Hai admin..birthday sy 5/ msih boleh claim tak?

  48. Bos sy dh claim birthday.. bila dapt

  49. My birthday 16 june.. claim gift 7day after.. so 23june i get the gift birthday

  50. This game very awsome..

  51. Thanks for the Bday Free Cards 🙂

  52. 7月3日当天生日申请能领到吗?

  53. God ong ong

  54. 有看到我的申请吗?7月一号的?怎样确定已经拿到了呢?还有dr strange是那个游戏,怎么进入?

    • 你们有申请bithday的,我查了

  55. raven ..

  56. raven ..我已经重新submit form 了,你查下,谢谢…

    • ok..才查着

      • reward 了,请刮,win 的都在后面。。

  57. Okey ….I have submit my request…

  58. Siap..bila dpt?

    • rewarded, please check on the spiderman scratch card

  59. Hello I have received the email , n today is my birthday n how can I claim , n how I know that I get that I apply ? Coz I just c my points

  60. Hi…i hope my request to claim for my bezday will be considered. A bit late send request because have some problem & couldn’t login to casinopub lately. Tq.

    • yes, casino have block by TMNET, this is our coming soon domain –

      • Have same problem la pula ..haha

  61. Aiya ..just get online today ..already late la nk claim ni kn ..

  62. Hi. When i’ll b getting the replacement of 100 spiderman scratch cards??

  63. I already resend/reapply bezday gift with uploaded copy of my ic. Pls process ya, TQ.

  64. Done submit request Mr Raven.. =)

  65. Done summit required

  66. Raven,我redeem 了free bet w138 的4000,那几时会收到的

  67. Raven, 请问我用积分兑换w138的分数怎么还没进的,

    • hi, we just saw it and have sent request to w138… they will process soon

  68. Who to claim freebet for play the slot machine game?

  69. 明天生日了,select your gifts 要选哪个呢?

    • 我刚给你了cards,你可以scratch

  70. w88 account aisyaimar vip

  71. forget to claim birthday gift . can u give me chance ? please . my birthday 08 December

    • can, please submit, thanks

  72. 请问我的申请批准了吗

  73. raven,请问我的birthday free cards 批准了吗

  74. 很好

  75. 请问我的申请批准了吗?

  76. 我选择的是captain america,可是点击进去没看到有卡

  77. 我看不见我的卡在哪里?

  78. 我还是没有看见我的卡

  79. Hi Raven, birthday gift application and supported email sent, thanks.

  80. I have apply my birthday free card,are u receive

  81. i want claim birthday bonus

    • please submit the form thanks

    • your birthday is 22th march, please wait until that day or after the day, thanks

  82. Raven wanna to check with you before I submit my claim. This is my 2nd years to claim the birthday bonus. Do I still need to send you the IC and Facebook and that to get my cards?

    • yes, you have to sent us the iC,because all the IC after check, we all delete from our staff…please check with the format to upload ic if you care about your identity leak out, you can cover up some part. anyway, we will check and delete it one the spot

  83. Hello raven..if past date 6/3 still can get it or not

  84. i want claim birthday free card, submit form already, pls check tq

  85. Good

  86. Done

  87. 我已经申请了,请查看

  88. Boss plss check birthday bonus i…

  89. is my birthday….I oledi send request…tq^^

  90. I already fill the form so when i will get that present gift..hehehe

    • did you upload ic for birthday proof? if not we will ignore the submission.. hehe

  91. hi raven filled form. pls check tq

  92. Saya mahu claim birthday free cards ..tapi birthday saya sudah lepas boss .macam mana?

    • hi, you need to wait next year.. haha, i am sorry

  93. Already long waiting for get reward?

  94. claim birhtday bonus

  95. Fck.. what a big liar…..

    • what do you mean by this ?

  96. boss claim birthday bonus username ismazi2

  97. silver coin 74 claim

  98. When can get my Birthday gift card? Already send for apply but didn’t get anything

  99. So I need at where redeem it?

    • So I need at where redeem it?

  100. chill with trusted company

  101. Already requested. How and when will i get it? How will you notify me?

  102. my birthday yesterday…i a bit late to claim..because yesterday toooo busy 🙂

  103. Can’t summit

  104. 完成了

    • 这个月,我们新的网站要开了

  105. I already requested and upload my and when i will get it?

  106. Hi there..when can i get it ya?

  107. When can i get my Birthday gift card? Already send for apply but didn’t get anything.. Bcoz when i go to wolverine scratch page it appear invalid card set id..plz check 4 me..

    • hi, please wait for a while, new website is renewing all the scratch card and you can submit again if you want to change the card, please stay tune..

      • Can i know how long i need to wait coz as i know i have to claim my birthday gift not more than 7 days of my birthday date? Since i only have 2 more days after my birthday date and i need to submit again..

        • Hi long i need to wait ya? tomorrow is the last day for me to resubmit to apply for the birthday card..can u help me..

          • hi, please register in pub100, we move our scratch card to this web already

  108. Admin, form submited. Is it approve and how to check?

  109. Admin..please check my request on 20/12/2018. Still not yet received any gift. Thanks.

    • what request? I cannot find any, please help

      • I fill up the above form and submit to request for birthday free card (Dr. Strange cards). My birthday on 20/12. Just want to know what is the status.

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