BK8MY.com is a scammer web  , deposited rm700 didnt take any bonus . no duplicate acc , turnover more then 2-3 k , they locked my acc and say provider say my bet is susupisious n dont want to withdraw for me , before this when i always losing they didnt say that . PLEASE DONT BET AT THIS WEB ANYMORE THEY JUST BURNED ALL MY MONEY LIKE THAT ! BKmy.com


their link is http://superwin188.com , SCAMMER , first say minimum cuci rm50 no turnover , so bank in rm 800 n lose already i wanna cuci rm500 they say need minimum win rm50 only can withdraw. ok i accept even they didnt stated it clearly , i lose it all , i bank in another rm 350 , win until rm 700+ and they blocked me immediatly in telegram . their bank acc is Maybank 507125228530 Chew wen jub C...[Read More]

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